Tiny House Blogs

Tiny House Blogs l A great list of useful tiny house blogs l Homestead Lady (.com)I wasn’t always a fan of blogs.  I remember when my sister started one for her family, I teased her saying that blog sounded like something you’d hork up, not something you’d read.  Well, look at me now.  Even though so much of my time is taken up with homesteading, homeschooling and writing, I still find a bit of time to read my favorite blogs because they’re a great way to get someone’s personal experience distilled into a 600 word article.  I’ve found a niche of blogs new to me that I’m visiting frequently as we make plans for the next homestead – Tiny House Blogs.  By the way, be sure to stick around for the end – its action packed with a Food and Water Brick Giveaway from Earth Easy.  If you’re looking for compact, space saving food storage, this is the coolest thing ever!Continue Reading