Cloth Diapers 101: Troubleshooting

 Cloth Diapers 101 Trouble Shooting l Homestead Lady (.com)So, my last diaper post detailed why I had to ditch the whole cloth diapering thing – it just wasn’t working while baby girl was still so little and I was overwhelmed with four other kids.  I was committed to making them work eventually, though, because I don’t like throwing stuff away (commercial diapers create garbage) and I don’t like to spend money (commercial diapers are pricey).  I had to search out information on troubleshooting cloth diapers so I could test drive some solutions to our cloth diaper woes.  Here’s what I found, coupled with my own experience – my version of Cloth Diapers 101.Continue Reading

Mulch and Compost

Mulch and Compost l What are mulch and compost and why use them l Homestead Lady (.com)

(Here’s a revisit to a revamped blast from the past from the archives at Homestead Lady.)

So I went to see my chiropractor/acupuncturist and he asked why he was seeing me again so soon – this sounds like the set up for a joke.  Anyway, I told him that for two days I had been fighting a six inch chipper and the six inch chipper won.  He looked at me sideways for a minute and then started writing on his chart while he chuckled and said, “Most people have pretty standard stories about how they got hurt but your stories are always so interesting!” 

So glad I could entertain.  But, as a result of the battle, I have a few words on mulch and compost; what they are and what the difference is between the two.Continue Reading