Green Thumb Thursday 4/17/14

by Homestead Lady on April 17, 2014

Green thumb Thursday - garden blog hop - www.homesteadlady.comWelcome to Green Thumb Thursday 4/10/14 – THE garden blog hop!

Meet your hosts: Homestead Bloggers Network, Untrained Housewife, Northern Homestead, Homestead Lady, Montana Homesteader and Little Mountain Haven [click to continue…]


Easter Eggs – Natural Dye vs. Natural Dye

by Homestead Lady on April 15, 2014

Easter Eggs - Natural Dye Vs. Natural Dye - How do homemade and store bought compare  www.homesteadlady.comIts the fight of the century!  The previous years’ champ, the darling of the egg dyes, PAAS was recently robbed of his title due to potentially unhealthy elements in his boxing style.  The newcomer, the rookie, the plant based Nature Dye has risen to take the crown.  Everyone, everywhere is trying their hand at bringing home the Natural Dye’s style.  Suddenly, otherwise reserved moms are begging store clerks for their extra onion skins; they’re boiling buckets of beets and figuring out where to buy turmeric.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, there’s a flurry of activity in the ring of this year’s healthy Easter – but wait!  What’s this?  There’s another Natural Dye wanting to duke it out with those boiled onions skins?  This one comes in a box?  You heard that right, the fans will really be getting their money’s worth today – its “Easter Eggs – Natural Dye vs. Natural Dye!” [click to continue…]


Blown Eggs for Easter

by Homestead Lady on April 14, 2014

Blown Eggs for Easter - www.homesteadlady.comMy family loves hard boiled eggs.  Loves.  Them.  But I’m really not so very fond of eating eggs hardboiled at Easter time.  Why?  Well, by the time you get that hardboiled egg to eat at the end of the day, its exchanged who knows how many little germ covered hands, been cracked open in who knows how many places in the yard and spent the better part of a sunny afternoon being turned into something less than appetizing.  Want to avoid all that – and that ever present worry that one of those hard boiled eggs wont be found until a month later?  Enter the simple, the way less gross – blown eggs for Easter. [click to continue…]


Happy Palm Sunday

by Homestead Lady on April 13, 2014

Happy Palm Sunday - www.homesteadlady.comIts in the air – spring, spring, spring.  Even if you’re still under snow, you can feel a shift in the way the wind is blowing.  You find yourself making grand plans about the coming growing season – your garden will be stellar this year!  Your exercise regimen is going to be so fantastic, you’ll be strong as an ox.  You’re going to  buy that canner and preserve literally everything.  Your house will be spick and span, so clean the sunshine will sparkle off every surface.  Spring is full of new hope and a renewed feeling of awesomeness.  Embrace it, make those plans.  The Savior entered Jerusalem as a King this day and I figure we should take our cue from Him in all things.  So, join me in entering the next phase of your life with style – lets embrace the change as we embrace the season.  Arms wide open, brim with excitement and full of promise.  Have an amazing Easter week and Happy Palm Sunday!

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Rose Hip Compote by Herb Fairies

by Homestead Lady on April 12, 2014

Rose Hip Compote by Herb Fairies - Homestead LadyRose Hip Compote by Herb Fairies?!  Does Homestead Lady keep herb fairies on staff?  Duh.  Don’t you? [click to continue…]