Solar Oven Recipe: Budget Chicken Dinner



 Solar Oven Recipe Budget chicken dinner l Homestead Lady

So, this month we’re celebrating National Preparedness month and we’re going to share a few of the off-grid cooking methods we’ve been practicing this summer. I am NOT an expert in this DIY stuff, just so ya know! Growing up, I went “camping” every year with my family but we always went to a KOA Kampground…at the beach.  So, does that actually count?  Anyway, one of my favorite off grid cooking options is definitely my solar oven. So, here we are sharing an easy, peasy solar oven recipe: Budget Chicken Dinner.Continue Reading

Rose Petal Homemade Ice Cream Recipe

Homemade Ice Cream Recipe - Rose Petal - Summertime FlavorExperimenting to find the perfect homemade ice cream recipe is a happy thing.  We go through so many homemade ice cream recipes every summer that I have quite a stash.  One we’ve played around with this year, while our Rugosa roses have been popping out all over the place, has been rose petal ice cream.  Not only is this ice cream daintily pretty, its also happily healthy.  Speaking of healthy, you’ll never guess what Herbal Academy of New England is doing on their site right now – read on!Continue Reading