Christmas Quilts – An Easy Service Project for Kids

Christmas Quilts - A service project for kids, by kids l Homestead Lady (.com)We have lots of young kiddos but they’re sweet troopers and are willing to work so we have several service projects we like to make a habit of every Christmas season.  We usually knit some hats and scarves on our knitting looms to donate to our library’s warm clothes drive.  We gather up gently used items from Martinmas on and donate them to our local DI, Savers or Goodwill.  We make cookies and ornaments for friends and neighbors.  We love book drives, too, and were able to take quite a haul of children’s books to our local shelter thanks to the generosity of our neighborhood!  It’s not much when you think of all the need in the world but every little bit, right?  Here’s a simple one, that only requires basic sewing skills:  Christmas Quilts – an Easy Service Project for Kids.Continue Reading

Five Last Minute Gifts for Kids to Make

5 Last Minute Gifts for Kids to Make l Five kid crafted items for giving l Homestead Lady (.com)My children enjoy making a large number of the gifts they give each holiday season.  With five children, though, December can simply fly by with all our other activities and plans.  If you have this problem, too, I present a quick list of last minute gifts for kids to make.  These are just a few of the things we’re playing around with this year; each year births and new batch of last minute gifts for kids to make.

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Make Your Own Nativity Sets

Make Your Own Nativity Sets l Two simple ways to put together nativity sets l One for the kids, one for the grown ups l Homestead LadyThis post is meant to be more inspirational than instructional but making your own Nativity sets, or Crèches, out of natural materials is a simple way to bond yourself and your family to the sweet land you live in this holiday season.  Let us share a few tips we learned while making our own organic Crèche so that you can do one yourself with confidence this Christmas season.  If you need something slightly more sturdy for the kiddos, no worries, we have a nativity set for that, too.Continue Reading