Campfire Cooking: Rob Roy Cookies

Campfire Cooking l Rob Roy Cookies l Homestead LadyCampfire cooking, I have discovered, is part science and part art.  And part smoke in your eyes.  I’ve been trying to improve my campfire cooking skills this past year as its not something I grew up doing.  Fortunately, I married an Eagle Scout so my husband has contributed his expertise with fire (he’s a bit of a pyro anyway) and we’ve experimented with all kinds of dinners and side dishes.  I finally decided it was time for dessert!  Plus, plus, plus we have the coolest giveaway ever – would you like a free Excalibur Dehydrator?  Just read on!Continue Reading

Peanut Allergy? Try Sunbutter Cookies 3 Ways

Peanut Allergy Sunbutter Cookies 3 Ways l Paleo, Gluten Free, Whole Grain l Homestead LadyDo you struggle with a peanut allergy despite how cool you think George Washington Carver was?  Maybe a peanut allergy isn’t your problem; maybe you, like me, have a weirdo child who just doesn’t like peanut butter – which is downright un-American, if you ask me.  Well, let me introduce you to the mighty sunflower seed and its commercial, spreadable greatness in the form of Sunbutter.  Here are Sunbuter “peanut butter” cookies 3 ways, plus 1 more because numbers aren’t my thing.  Plus, plus, plus – we have another giveaway!  This time for a thermal cooker from Saratoga Jacks – kind of like a crock pot and a wonder oven put together.  Just read on through and by the time you’re done, you’ll have dinner and dessert planned.Continue Reading