Biscuit Cinnamon Fruit Rolls

biscuitI am constantly on the look out for breakfast ideas since every morning is a from-scratch morning.  So is lunch.  And dinner.  Needless to say, I need ideas constantly!  Here are some wonderful, whole foods Biscuit Cinnamon Fruit Rolls we sort of stumbled upon.affiliate disclaimer for top

Biscuit Cinnamon Fruit Rolls

We also need those ideas to be whole foods recipes, full of wild things like soaked grains and raw dairy.  A favorite around here is sourdough cinnamon rolls with honey from our hives drizzled on top.  So when I saw this recipe from Urban Poser I was excited but frustrated!  I cook for several generations that live in this house, ten people in all, and each of us has a different dietary issue so finding something we all can eat is tricky.   A few of us can’t manage grains unless they’re prepared properly (soaking, sprouting, souring) and still others can’t do tree nuts.  So, as a compromise, I used this recipe but substituted the biscuits frostedalmond flour (which I love, love, love to use but I’m not allergic to nuts) with Kamut and soaked it overnight in a bit of fresh lemon juice and some raw milk.  Aside from removing the pecans, I followed this recipe and was quite pleased.

biscuit frosting

Tessa the Domestic Diva suggests using this recipe but add strawberries, which looked delicious.  My strawberries have all burned up this year and the few that are in production are puny so I turned to an organic frozen berry mix we buy from Costco for our smoothies.  I chopped up the berries and spread them inside the rolled out dough on top of the butter and cinnamon sugar.  For the icing, we used coconut oil and honey.  If you don’t have time for sourdough and/or aren’t allergic to nuts, try this original recipe.  If you need to soak something like wheat flour, know that the recipe will still turn out; it’s not as biscuit-y as you’ll achieve with the almond flour but it’s still very yummy, with a nice texture.  I think you can see that the result was certainly acceptable!

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2 thoughts on “Biscuit Cinnamon Fruit Rolls

  1. I agree. It is challenging when there are different dietary needs in one household. I have several and my husband has none. Sometimes, I wish he would switch over to my protocol. That would make things so much simpler because I wouldn’t be tempted by having the old time favourites in the house. 🙂 This recipe for cinnamon rolls sounds really yummy!

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