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Make Your Own Powdered Sugar l Kitchen Quick Tip by Homestead Lady (.com)

Kitchen Quick Tip: Make Your Own Powdered Sugar

Make Your Own Powdered Sugar l Kitchen Quick Tip by Homestead Lady (.com)Here’s a new, informal series of quick tips we’ve learned by living the homesteading lifestyle.  Some of this stuff you may already know and some of it might be new.  It’s important we share the things we’ve learned so the next generation of modern homesteaders won’t have to waste their precious time making our same mistakes, right?  (They can be free to go off and make their own!)  So, here it is for today – Make Your Own Powdered Sugar! Continue reading “Kitchen Quick Tip: Make Your Own Powdered Sugar”

Baking Supplies l Make Your Own l Homestead Lady

Baking Supplies: Make Your Own

Baking Supplies l Make Your Own l Homestead Lady

Today is October 1st and it is a special day.  Today begins a month long celebration of an American institution.  And a Greek, Russian and, even, ancient Egyptian institution.  I am, of course, speaking of the delicious, homemade cookie.  Thus begins Cookie Month ’14.  I will be celebrating this auspicious occasion with nine other bloggers throughout the month of October with each of us posting a cookie recipe every week.  I’ll be sure to link all the other bloggers’ recipes in my posts so that you don’t have to ferret out the fabulousness.  To get us started, and so we are properly prepared to get down with our bad selves amidst the cookies, we’re covering the basics today – Baking Supplies and how you can make your own.  Continue reading “Baking Supplies: Make Your Own”

Nourishing yourself with cookies

Nourishing yourself with cookies - - Healthy Cookies kids love from Elliot HomesteadI got this recipe from Elliot Homestead and Shay’s fabulous new cookbook

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