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Oh, I love books! Here are some I’ve read and what I thought about them, should you care to take a look. I recommend to help you keep track of what you’re reading and what you thought since you’ll most likely be so busy in the garden or kitchen that it will easily slip your mind!

Book Review The Heirloom Life Gardener

Book review The Heirloom Life Gardener www.homesteadlady.comFirst of all, if you’ve never visited the Gettle’s seed store, you need to stop on by at Baker Creek Heirloom Seed company.  The New York Times Magazine called Jere Gettle the “Indiana Jones of seeds” and he surely is that!  The work that he, his wife and his staff do to preserve heirloom seeds from around the world is so worth our praise and patronage!  Emilee Gettle, Jere’s wife, has a great blog called Heirloom Girl that you may want to check out and they also produce a very well written magazine called The Heirloom Gardener, many copies of which are sitting in my bathroom right now.  The Gettle’s also organized the Heirloom Seed Festival in California, which just enjoyed it’s second year.  Anyway, they rock the seed world and I’m glad they’re on our side!  So, I was so excited when they published The Heirloom Life Gardener! Continue reading “Book Review The Heirloom Life Gardener”

Book Review the Backyard Orchardist

Backyard OrchardistIf you have fruit trees, you need this book – the Backyard Orchardist, by Stella Otto.  Ok, it’s not the prettiest book you’ll ever see; it’s a basic text with no frills and no pretty pictures, just simple (but clear) pencil drawings.  What this book does have going for it is it’s simplicity – well, as simple as you can get when you’re learning to maintain a small orchard!  Even if you only have one or two fruit trees, you still need to know how to prune them and feed them and even figure out where to put them, if you’re the one planting them.  This might be a good book to read now to prepare for fall planting of new fruit trees – you needed another project this year, right?  So, here’s the book review – The Backyard Orchardist. Continue reading “Book Review the Backyard Orchardist”

The Cook's Herb Garden Book Review l Calling all herb nerds who need another great book! l Homestead Lady (.com)

Book Review The Cook’s Herb Garden

The Cook's Herb Garden Book Review l Calling all herb nerds who need another great book! l Homestead Lady (.com)Here’s herb girl doing another book review on an herb book – shocker!  Read on for our book review of The Cook’s Herb Garden, by Cox and Moine!  It was a small, no-nonsense book that covered it’s topic well and, of course, had lovely graphics (a must for me) and simple information on herbs any cook might use in their kitchen. Continue reading “Book Review The Cook’s Herb Garden”

Add some grit to your homestead l Read Little Heathens l Homestead Lady (.com)

Book Review Little Heathens, Hard Times and High Spirits on an Iowa Farm During the Depression

Add some grit to your homestead l Read Little Heathens l Homestead Lady (.com)For a little humor, a lot of grit and some real life homesteading stories, be sure to pick up Little Heathens, Hard Times and High Spirits on an Iowa Farm During the Depression, by Mildred Armstrong Kalish.  Ah, how I love books like this!  Continue reading “Book Review Little Heathens, Hard Times and High Spirits on an Iowa Farm During the Depression”

Book Review Pot it Grow it Eat it by Kathryn Hawkins

grow it pot it eat itI’m still plugging away at the stash of cool looking titles I pilfered from my local library and found another I thought someone out there could use.  (Notice I only review the books I like?  Some are just not worth my or your time!)  We recently reviewed Crops in Pots and I would say that if you’re looking to learn how to container garden, you might want to pick up that one AND this one:  pot it grow it eat it, by Kathryn Hawkins.  Pot it grow it eat it is both simpler than Crops in Pots and slightly more complicated; the voice of the book seems to be aimed at a more mature gardener, as opposed to one just starting out.  However, the pictures are good and the instructions are clear, the book being quite thorough for such a shorty.  Each plant includes cultural requirements, pruning, when you’ll harvest plus ways to harvest, store and freeze the crop created.  There’s also information on possible problems for each plant suggested.  Each plant gets it’s own pot, plain and simple – no plant combination designs except for herbs are discussed which is why reading Crops in Pots might make for a bit more fun.  There’s a large section dedicated to recipes that utilize the oodles of produce you will have from your awesome container garden; part of the point of the book seems to be to inspire you to both plant and cook!  The book even includes a section on how to grow mushrooms which is something I’ve become interested in lately.

Overall, although I wasn’t dazzled or enthralled, I found it to be worth a read (you can always learn something!), especially if what you need to learn how to do is garden in pots.  Look at your ever-increasing skill set!  Someday people will write songs about you…

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Book Review Crops in Pots by Bob Purnell

crops again

An old friend of mine and she mentioned that she and her husband were beginning their adventures in gardening on a smaller scale as befits their smaller abode.  I’ve been watching her posts on Facebook about her gardening delights as she begins this journey (perhaps I should have warned her of the addictive nature of plants) and it got me to thinking about those who, because of space, are limited to growing the bulk of their harvests in containers.  I wondered if there were any goods books out there for them and, while my search was by no means exhaustive (I had five minutes to myself in the gardening section of my library while my children poured over their own finds) I found a book that really interested me on container gardening – Crops in Pots. Continue reading “Book Review Crops in Pots by Bob Purnell”