Gluten Free Biscuit Experiment

rice biscuitCan you really call it an experiment if you have a recipe from someone who clearly knows what they’re doing?  Well, here it is anyway, the Gluten Free Biscuit Experiment.affiliate disclaimer for top

Gluten Free Biscuit

I used the recipe in the link from Simply Gluten-free, which is a great website even if you can take gluten; some of these alternative recipes are truly magically delicious.   I’m always looking for good gluten free biscuit recipes because, frankly, when you pre-soak your grains to make them easier to digest (wheat, in particular), it changes the texture and for biscuits that means they just aren’t biscuits anymore, in my opinion.  Does this recipe make a flaky, melt in your mouth southern style biscuit?  Well, no, but it sure makes a mighty fine tasting imitation!

First of all, the recipe is simple to make and I made it even simpler because I didn’t have time to roll dough and cut out biscuits…and by that I mean, of course, that I didn’t want to take the time to scrape and clean off the counter in order to have a place to roll dough.  Don’t judge me. 

Anyhoo, once I ground the tapioca to make tapioca flour in my Blendtec 52-601-BHM Kitchen Mill 60-Ounce Electric Grain MillBlendTec before we do the wheat flour (I’m not completely intolerant of wheat so I don’t worry about contamination.)  I really do recommend getting a