Green Thumb Thursday 2/13/14

Green thumb Thursday - garden blog hop -

Meet your hosts: Homestead Bloggers Network, Untrained Housewife, Northern Homestead, Homestead Lady, Montana Homesteader and Little Mountain Haven

Welcome to this week’s edition of Green Thumb Thursday! A Blog Hop is a forum for great homestead bloggers to share their best homesteading posts. Green Thumb Thursday celebrates anything and everything from the garden. If you have a post about plants, your garden, garden tools, favorite varieties of veggies, in short, anything and everything garden-y, please share it here! If you’re not a blogger, sweet deal for you – you get to glean all this awesome garden information without having to do much more than read about it! For bloggers, click Submit, put the title of the post in “Name” (please do not leave your name – yeah, done that) and link directly to the post URL (not your home page – yeah, done that, too). Everyone is invited to scroll through all the gardening awesomeness of this week’s hop. If you link up a post or enjoy one in particular, be sure to comment, like and share!

We’re so happy with our hop that we wanted to invite our friends over at The Backyard Farming Connection!

Please also visit all the co-hosts because their homesteadiness will rub off on you and you will have the most splendiferous gardens this year all thanks to your genius and Green Thumb Thursday. No, really.

This week’s feature comes from Lady Lee’s Home and it will give you an idea for what to do with the clay on your land.  Do you have clay soil?  Ever thought of doing this?! 
Green Thumb Thursday 2/13/14 Lady Lee's Home photo credit Free Digital PhotosBe sure to add the featured button to your post or home page with a link back to the hop and congratulations!

Green Thumb Thursday feature

Now on to the hop!


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