Healthy Whole Mom Interview with The Homesteading Hippy

Interview with Heather the Homesteading Hippy www.homesteadlady.comHeather is my sister’s name.  I usually end up liking anyone named Heather because they typically have a high level of awesomeness.  Heather The Homesteading Hippy is no exception and she’s next up in our series of interviews with health minded bloggers.  I started the interviews because I wanted to help families, especially young ones just starting out, have access to the information I so wished I’d had when I was younger.  Here’s a little bit of Heather’s down to earth advice and some of the things she’s learned to value along the way.

Ms. Heather, The Homesteading Hippy

Tell us a little bit about the make up of your personal background and your family? Kids? Kids still at home?

Interview with the Homesteading Hippy - poultry conference - www.homesteadlady.comI have four, I mean THREE kids…16, 14, 9 and my hubby…so maybe it IS four LOL. We’ve been married for 17 years, have lived in 8 states together and have lived in Indiana now for 10 years. Yes, we moved a lot in the beginning. 

What’s the one thing you’d wished you’d know when you were starting your family? What’s one piece of advice you’d give to a brand new mom?  

What I wished I knew is that my instincts were usually spot on. No one knew my child better than I did, and I allowed doctors and family members to “bully” me into raising my children in ways that I wasn’t comfortable with first, because that was the “common standard”. I am much more at ease with my parenting style and able to make the decisions that I need to make without worrying about what others think or would do. I would say to a new mom that you need to stick to your guns on anything. It’s YOUR child, and YOU know what is the right thing to do, even if you don’t believe it at first. 

Interview with the Homesteading Hippy - Hippy Garden, man! - www.homesteadlady.comOk, recipe time! From food to herbs to oils to juices, lay it on us. We want to know what’s in your Healthy Whole Mom toolbox! 

Rice, bone broth, fresh milled wheat, fresh eggs from the backyard, garden organic produce, grass fed beef, pastured turkey and chicken. Of course, coconut oil and beef tallow as well.

To get an awesome recipe follow this link…and this one for easy homemade soap…ah, what the heck, this one, too so you can plan for those bunnies you’ve been meaning to get!  Heather  loves the simple things in life like family, gardening and food preserving, and thinks watching chickens is far more entertaining than TV any day. Join her and her family at The Homesteading Hippy as they get our “urbansteading” on and live life on the rural side!

Interview with the Homesteading Hippy www.homesteadlady.comThank you, Heather, for letting us interview the Homesteading Hippy!

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