Nourishing yourself with cookies

Nourishing yourself with cookies - - Healthy Cookies kids love from Elliot HomesteadI got this recipe from Elliot Homestead and Shay’s fabulous new cookbook

This picture is from – this is how they’re supposed to look! Go visit the link to check out her awesome site!

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The first batch I made, the goodies I included were carob chips and dried cherries.  That batch turned out perfectly and looked like the one in the Elliot Homestead’s photo to the left.  Did I take a picture?  No, I was too busy slurping down this manna to bother with pictures!  The next batch I made with raisins and that was pretty good, too, but I had run out of almonds so all I had was my coconut flour.  I added a bit more fat and an extra egg and they still turned out dry – tasty, but dry.  See, I took a picture of the ones I didn’t like as well – what’s that about?  My six year old liked them hot out of the oven but after they cooled, they were a bit chalky.  Someone more clever than I would know how to compensate but I just went out and bought more almonds. 

The best part about these babies is that they’re actually nourishing!  The basic recipe calls for almond flour, coconut flakes, flax seed, cinnamon and farm fresh eggs; doesn’t get much more nourishing than that!  (FYI, I left the egg whites out of the second batch and just used yolks but they fell apart a bit.  The first batch I went ahead and threw caution to the wind and used whole eggs and they turned out perfectly!)  The addition of the cinnamon really makes it taste wonderful so make sure you add that.  Your goodie combinations can be anything; I think that next time I might try white chocolate with dried cherries.  Do you think white chocolate counts as a no-no when breastfeeding?  I’m off to go figure out how to make some…Oh, Pinterest, come here, my dear!

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