Herbs in the Bathtub

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Herbs in the Bathtub
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I’ve always loved herbs, even when I was just a kid in my grandma’s garden. Some of my favorites were lavenders, scented geraniums, mints and, yes, lemon verbena. I’ve had gardens of my own for as long as I can remember but I didn’t always have my own plot of earth in which to plant them. Often, I was relegated to pots and plastic tubs, stuffed full of discount veggie plants and dug-up herb starts. Some years, my container gardens rocked it; other years, not so much.

After many experiments with growing various plants in pots, I continually come back to herbs because they’re so pleasing to grow and such troopers when it comes to my rather inept efforts at indoor and potted gardening. The truth is, I’m an absent minded container gardener, but sometimes I just need to grow in pots, whether I’m great at it or not. If because of space or preference, you’re looking for obliging plants that will typically do well in containers, may I suggest the following herbs for your consideration? These are some of my favorites and they have performed well for me again and again; five culinary herbs and three medicinal herbs.

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