A Time to Keep: April 2015

A Time to Keep l National Days to Observe with Your Family l April 2015 l Homestead Lady (.com)Thus begins a new and fun, little thing we’re going to be doing here at Homestead Lady.  Each month we’ll be visiting with you and sharing the days we’re marking as a nation.  Did you know, for instance, that April is National Cheese Ball Day?  Yeah, cheeseballs don’t really fit in with our mission here at Homestead Lady but there’s lots of other stuff going on that does!  Join us for this month’s edition of A Time to Keep…

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A time to keep l Days to observe with our families l Homestead Lady (.com)

World Health Day – April 7th

People have a lot of different ideas about what makes a person truly healthy.  Here are a few of the ideas that have helped us:

Bone broth – nectar of the gods.  To learn to make bone broth, please click here.

Fresh fruits and fresh vegetables.  To learn to grow your own, please click here and here.  To learn to ferment your own veggies, please click here.

Naturally leavened bread and pre-soaked grains.  To learn to make a quality sourdough (naturally leavened) bread, please click here.  To learn about the benefit of pre-soaking your grains, please click here.

Quality, nourishing dairy.  The easiest way to afford quality dairy, if you have the space and are legally allowed, is to raise your own dairy animals.  Crazy?!  Nope, to learn more, please click here.

Sibling Day – April 10th

A short video on a happy, homesteading family – click here.  What are your thoughts?

Do you know your family’s history?  Do your children?  We started doing some genealogy work together and my husband and I were surprised how fascinated my children were by it.  My husband and oldest daughter made a goal to index (put online into a database) at least 1,000 names from public records so that people could access the information across the globe.  They did it, too! 

For more ideas on how to involve your kids in family history, please visit this link.

Stress Awareness Day – April 16th

Stress is the silent killer, I believe, especially for women.  Here’s an article that made me think about my own stress levels and what damage they might be doing to my health.  For some stress relieving ideas please click here and click here.

National Garlic Day – April 19th

Learn to grow great garlic, click here.

To learn to harvest garlic easily, click here.

To learn to ferment garlic, to make it even healthier, click here.

Richter Scale Day – April 26th

Oh so important to be as prepared as we can for any kind of disaster, especially something as impossible to control as an earthquake.  I’m a native Californian and am well aware of how necessary being prepared is for emergencies, especially natural disasters.

Julie, of Home Ready Home, has a whole section on natural disaster preparedness in her new book The Survival Savvy Family – I’ll be reviewing this book soon – wanna beat me to it?

To learn proper protocol in an earthquake, please click here.

To learn how to prepare for disasters, please click here and here.

To learn what to put in a baby’s grab and go bag, please click here and here.  

To receive our e-booklet on assembling a Healthy Holistic Bug Out Bag, just sign up for our newsletter and we’ll send it to you for FREE!

Tell a Story Day – April 27th

Here’s a lovely article on why reading aloud to your children is so important, please click here.

Here are some of our favorite family, read aloud books – and yes, I have to do all the accents and voices for my kids:


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4 thoughts on “A Time to Keep: April 2015

  1. Great Post! As a fellow homesteader and living close to the land I enjoy celebrating Earth Day on April 22. I wasn’t aware of the National Garlic Day on April 19th. I love absolutely love garlic! I’ll check back often to see what other unique holidays I need to be celebrating.

    1. I totally forgot that one, Jill – thanks for reminding me!! Earth day is a fun one, especially if you have kids that like to plant stuff. Yes, I was happy at the thought of a whole day to celebrate garlic, too. Thanks for checking in and we’ll see you next month!

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