A Time to Keep: July 2015

A Time to Keep l National Days to Observe with Your Family July 2015 l Homestead Lady (.com)A time to keep is back, this time to cover the month of July. It’s the height of summer and the garden and family are busy! Here are few ideas for activities, fun facts and crafts and, of course, some food for this festive month.affiliate disclaimer for top

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A time to keep l Days to observe with our families l Homestead Lady (.com)

Gingersnap Day – July 1st

I love the whole idea of a day devoted to gingersnaps! For true gingersnaps, your cookies should be crispy. Ooh, did I just throw down a gauntlet? Some people are very passionate about their gingersnap turgidity.

Here’s a recipe for gingersnaps that includes coconut oil, rapadura, blackstrap molasses and sprouted flour. This is a real foods version and is designed not to destroy your gut while you munch down a whole batch. Not that I would ever do such a thing.

If you prefer a soft, molasses-type cookie, here’s a family recipe from my great aunt Bert.

American Independence Day – July 4th

This is my absolute favorite version of this song, written and performed by a teenager who says she felt so inspired as she wrote it that it was as if her fingers were being directed on the keyboard.

A Time to Keep l Abby Anderson l My Country Tis of Thee
Abby Anderson, “My Country Tis of Thee” l YouTube video credit here.

Great God our King.

Cow Appreciation Day – July 14th

According to some sources, this important day of our calendar year is on the 14th and some say it’s on the 15th. If you plan to celebrate at a certain chicken restaurant around the nation, you’ll need a good cow costume.

Are you new to raising cows or thinking about jumping in? Here’s how Homestead Honey and her family welcomed their first dairy cow. When you have a dairy cow, that means babies! Here’s a birth story from The Toups Address. Here’s how to hand milk a cow (or a goat) from Flip Flop Barnyard. And, maybe I should have started with this one, but there’s the question you need to ask yourself first, Is a Family Milk Cow Right for You?

We keep dairy goats but we’re trying a dairy cow this year (hopefully) so this has been my current reading material.

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National Ice Cream Day – July 20th

I’m becoming amazed at how many various national ice cream days we have – we had one last month (chocolate) and this month there are a few by specific flavor, too. I featured just the overall national ice cream day so that I can simply encourage you make your own ice cream. Homemade ice cream is not only very tasty but it also has the potential to be much healthier than the store bought version. To get you inspired, here’s our rose petal ice cream recipe. If you’d like to know how to make ice cream, you can follow this link. I always use raw milk for my ice cream and if that’s of interest to you, here’s a post from One Acre Farm on raw milk ice cream bases.

Pioneer Day – July 24th

This is NOT a national holiday, it’s actually a holiday unique to our current home state of Utah, but I think it should be celebrated by everyone in every country because pioneers are everywhere, in every age! Here is a fantastic pin that gives some pioneer fun facts and here are one family’s five favorite Pioneer Day activities – from a taffy pull to costumes to games, this is an easy way to plan your festivities. We usually bake a beehive made from bread – you could use this recipe from Melissa K Norris. We also make corn husk dolls or yarn dolls and eat way, way too much watermelon. We sing our favorite Pioneer Children’s Song, too.

I have a few pioneers from this era of American history in my family tree. Do you have any kind of pioneer in yours? The first person in your family to graduate college? A grandpa who came from another country to settle here and learn a new language? What about a single mother who never gave up? Here’s a pioneer who also has a day this month, celebrating her birthday on this day in 1897 – she was passionate and knew the value of hard work. If you’re not sure about your own family stories and you’d like to get the kid’s involved in learning more, here’s a post on Kids Activities in Genealogy.

Would you care to share your pioneer story? Have a wonderful month!

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One thought on “A Time to Keep: July 2015

  1. I share this with Jess’s permission. Jess of The 104 Homestead has a pioneer story that comes all the way from South Africa! She writes: “Both of my parents’ parents are from southern Africa. My mom’s family is from Zimbabwe and my dad’s family (and my dad) are from Botswana. My maternal grandparents came to the states before my mom was born. My paternal grandfather died there when I was born and my grandmother came over here in the late 80s. She carried on a lot of the traditions whereas my maternal grandparents “Americanized.” My grandma use to make corn husk dolls. I thought of her when I read your post. She also made me a full set of animals from wire and dried banana peels. Two of each, just like Noah’s Ark.” So lovely – thank you for letting me share!

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