A Time To Keep: May 2015

A Time to Keep l National Days to Observe with Your Family May 2015 l Homestead Lady (.com)A Time to Keep is back again with May – such an active and awake month! Spring has truly sprung and even if your air is still on the chilly side, the earth is fully alive again. There are a lot of fun things to learn and do this month with your family and friends – or even on your own!

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A time to keep l Days to observe with our families l Homestead Lady (.com)

National Salad Month – May

We get to celebrate salads all this month and I can’t wait. I love the hearty fare of winter but I am so ready for crunchy greens and veggies for dinner! We try to eat seasonally but along about March, when we pull the first “greens” (mostly mache and dandelion) out of the still cold ground, I’m adding it to store bought Romaine and digging in. If your strawberries are coming on, this makes a fabulous dinner salad – please click here. Which, incidentally, would go well on the 20th of May because it just happens to be Strawberry Picking Day!

For a kale and bacon salad, please click here. For a kale and sun dried tomato salad, please click here. How about a radish salad with creamy goat cheese and mint dressing?  Click here.

Star Wars Day – May 4th

Ok, let’s get this out of our system right now – May the Fourth Be With You! I’m not much of a Star Wars fan but I  know this is a big day for some of us. I like that the stories get children engaged in studying the stars and their possibilities, as well as contemplating the light and dark in all of us. For a few fun Star Wars related crafts to do with your children or grandchildren, please visit this link. Come on – loosen up and have some fun!

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Red Cross Day – May 8th

This one actually spans the whole world – a day to contemplate donating to the Red Cross as well as what we can do to be more prepared to give aid and assistance in a time of crisis. A lot of us stop our preparedness efforts when we feel we’ve taken care of our own household – most of us are still striving to simply do that! But what a blessing we could be if we prepared just a little bit more in the hopes of being able to help others in need, if the time comes.

Food Storage and Survival shares of few of her thoughts with us on this topics (please click here) and well as Five Tips to be Prepared to Help Others, please click here.

If you’re interested in donating money to the Red Cross, here are six ways you can do that – please click here. If you’d like to donate blood, here’s where you can learn about doing that – please click here.

Visit Your Relatives Day – May 18th

The season of family reunions is coming up soon, so gear up with these fun ideas on what you can do when you’re all together; this post has everything you need to know, think of and plan, please click here. For a serious dose of silliness, you have to check out this post on a family game you play with recycled wrapping paper, please click here.

When my kids visit their great grandma now, I have to make sure to remind them of how gentle they need to be with her. They’re used to her being pretty tough for a nice, old lady but as her health has slowly declined, we’ve had to be sure to teach them to go slower and be softer. They still give her big bear hugs but maybe some hugs are worth it. I sure hope so.

Grandmas are a great source of wisdom! Here’s a wonderful post on Creating a Great Depression Era Pantry – all those staples that Grandma grew up making! My friend Rebecca has found inspiration from her grandmother as she has learned her family history (please click here to read the story) but also as she discovered that her desire to homestead came from her grandmother (please click here to read). How  many of us modern homesteaders have come to our new “old” lifestyles because we remember fondly childhood days on Grandma’s farm? Be sure to make a visit this month, especially around Mother’s Day, and tell her thank you with some flowers and a big, bear hug. Gently.

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Sun Screen Day – May 27th

Here’s some information from The Healthy Home Economist on going without sunscreen that you may want to consider before you go out an purchase a stock pile of commercial sunscreen for the season – please click here. We have all different skin types in my family with most of us being relatively fair – my husband and son freckle at the first hint of sun. My oldest daughter, though, has so much olive in her skin that she always looks suntanned and hardly ever burns. Regardless, we pretty much all use the same recipes for homemade skin enhancer for the summer months.

Here’s one for a water resistant, homemade sunscreen, please click here.

Not a sunscreen but an eczema cream and I was looking for one for baby girl so I thought I’d share, click here.

To get our e-booklet Healthy Holistic Bug Out Bag for free, simply sign up for our newsletter, and you’ll find a long list of DIY personal and herbal care salves and suggestions. If you can make it yourself, you can control the ingredients and the cost!

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Learn About Composting Day – May 29th

You had to know I’d be all over this one, right?! Compost is like a symphony in your garden and all you need to do is tune the instruments and find the harmony. Pretty deep for recycled garbage and muck, huh? I could run on and on about this topic so I’ll just give you a few links to peruse so you can pick a place and get started. The trick is, just begin – if you don’t have a compost bin yet, I encourage you to make this the year of the compost bin!

First, what’s the difference between mulch and compost? Please click here. How about five ways to build healthy soil? Click here.

Ever heard of a compost tumbler? Here are a few reasons to try one, please click here. Here are the many different composting methods outlined – click here.

You just read about vermicomposting, or composting with worms? Here’s an article on learning to use a worm tower in your garden (please click here) and one on using a worm bin (please click here). This is a great activity for kids, by the way!

To further your home and homestead building efforts, may I suggest the e-course of my friend and affiliate, Kathie from Homespun Seasonal Living. Her Fiercly DIY courses are replete with information and advice for anyone seeking to truly build their homes, families and skill sets. From foraging to body products to real foods, these 12 projects are sure to inspire you. This is THE perfect course for the newlyweds, grandparents, kids off to college and even the busy moms!

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To help you celebrate this month, you may need these fine products:

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    1. Thanks, Angi – it’s fun for me and gives me great ideas for school projects! There area lot of preparedness and homesteading activities, too, so it gives me a reason to tend to things I’ve been letting slide. 🙂

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