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We’re the Zundel family of seven, originally from California and Arizona but coming to Missouri via Utah and North Carolina. Ever moved away from a homestead you’ve lovingly built up over years? Us, too! It’s tough, but we have loved each place we’ve lived and are grateful to be here in the great Show Me state. We’re so happy to be among the trees and water again!

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We are a homesteading and homeschooling family currently living in the middle of 16 acres of pastures, forests and creeks. We’re in the country now, but we’ve previously homesteaded in the city and know what it’s like to wrangle over backyard chicken ordinances.

We also know what it’s like to try to find time for all the work and reward of a self-sufficient lifestyle. We weren’t raised living this way and so each day is an education. After over twenty years of homesteading, we know a thing or two about the things you struggle with on your own homesteads.

  • Never have enough time to do all you want to?
  • Can’t figure out how to make those gardens grow without killing yourself each season?
  • Interested in herbs and natural healing, but just aren’t sure where to begin?
  • What about wholesome foods and home-cookin’?
  • Ever asked yourself about backyard livestock, and if you should really take the plunge?
  • And how do we get the kids and grandkids interested in this lifestyle, too?!

Does any of that sound familiar? We know how it is to sacrifice and dedicate yourself the DIY lifestyle – rewarding and exhausting! We hope that together, your family and ours, we can be refreshed and find inspiration as we continue our homestead education together.

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Don’t wait; don’t let one more minute pass in idle plans and dreams. 

Join us today and build your self-sufficient lifestyle one day, one experience, one lesson at a time.

28 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Tessa — I LOVE it!!! I’ve got to come visit you guys sometime. I’ll bring my husband! As soon as we get a house, we will be getting some chickens, setting up the garden, and eventually get some goats and bees.

    I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!!

    Julie =)

  2. Tessa, I love your website! We’d love to come visit someday when you have a farm day again. Our “farm” is a 1/5 acre. We squish all we can onto it. Thanks for your bread post!

    1. You’d be welcome anytime! As long as you bring bread…:) 1/5 acre is a great amount for many things and farm squishing is being elevated to an art form in our day.

    1. You’re so sweet and you’re welcome any time! As a matter of fact, we do give tours; well, this year we grew a baby, but normally we give tours! I actually end up learning more from the people that visit than I’m able to pass on to them…

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  4. I’m loving your blog so far! I can’t wait to poke around some more and discover everything you have to offer. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences and knowledge.

    1. Why thanks, Laurie! I need to work on my About Us page and update it a bit since we’re selling our Utah homestead and moving to Missouri. I need to go visit your blog now!

  5. Hi Tessa, I was stopping by your site from Homestead Bloggers Network when I noticed you were LDS. I’m LDS too, and it’s a big part of why we urban homestead but I’ve never really known how to incorporate that gracefully into my site. Thanks for being inspiring!

    1. That’s so cool, Kathryn! I love your site – glad to know I have a sister in the ranks. Have a wonderful Easter – He is risen!

  6. Look forward to reading more about your adventures. My sister and her hubby just bought a farm in Yukon, Missouri. 63 acres, lol I found their house on pinterest.. it is beautiful and the land is amazing….She is a school teacher in Chicago… not the best place to be a teacher these days.her hubby is an electrician.. they erected hoping to actually get started by next year sometime.. Hope they get there soon… They want to do grass fed cattle and organics…we are in Florida, not easy growing cycle here, being from up north… I am learning ,we have about 3/4 acre….many fruit trees 4 huge raised beds and 2 pony trough herb beds. I am in an herbalist.along course and herbal medicine making course as well, still have 1.5 years left. I am in Chestnut Herbal.. so much to learn, a ND being 57, better late than never.. look forward to your posts, sincerely, sharri

    1. That’s wonderful, Sharril – what amazing goals and achievements! It’s very much a marathon and not a sprint. Sounds like you’re doing well and we’re glad to have you along for the journey here. Please share any time you feel like commenting. If you’re on Facebook and would like to join an active homesteading group, you’re welcome to join us here.

  7. i love your blog! i shared your recipes on my FB group Christian Homeschooling Homesteaders- they will love them and your site 🙂

  8. Hi Tessa. I just stumbled across your blog and wanted to subscribe and learn more from you. I’m a sister from west Alabama (I know, we’re even in Alabama!) and am interested in all things “off-grid,” “survival,” and the like, so your blog looks like fun! I am an older lady (72) so it’s too late for me to experience what your youthfulness affords you, but I know I can still do some things. This past Christmas holiday, I made a greenhouse under the Pergola just outside my kitchen door and am actually GROWING things for the first time ever! This is huge for me and it has excited me to learn more. I just admire you so much for your values and for the way you are holding your own as a homesteader, mother, eternal companion, teacher and sistah!!

    1. Thank you so much for reaching out, Barb! Making a greenhouse under your pergola and growing food does NOT sound like sitting around doing nothing to me – that’s amazing! Congrats to you – what have you grown? Make sure you take notes because I actually have an idea kicking around for another book and I may need to interview you, if you don’t object, about the things you’re doing on your homestead. Even apartments count as homesteads because it’s all in how you look at things. I’m on a blogging/writing break at the moment, but I’ll be back in the fall and will touch base with you again then.

      In the meantime, keep the faith! 🙂

    1. So glad you’d like to join our newsletter family, Tina! If you follow this link and then follow the steps there, it will get you signed up!

      [sc name="book-circle"]

  9. It’s great to be in touch with you again. Jitka stopped by my field yesterday and talked to me about all of the orchard, garden and chicken things she is doing on your former Utah property. She is a very interesting lady. I was out in my field winnowing my khorasan grain and picking up the spiky seeds from a very healthy patch of terrestrius tribulus I am trying to eradicate. Keep up the good work. I love reading your material

    1. How nice to hear from you! I had no idea they were still living in our old house; it’s nice to know they’re doing well there. We were unsure if they were still on site since the front is so very different now.

      Growing Khorisan – what a thing! I’d love a report on that if you ever have time!

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