different breads with butter

Easy Bread: 3 Limited Ingredient Recipes

Are you out of flour? Yeast? Only have wheat kernels but no grinder?  Here are three easy bread recipes for beginners and seasoned bread bakers alike.  Each recipe allows for a key missing ingredient from classic bread recipes.  If you can’t get to the store before you need to make bread, don’t worry!  You can make easy bread recipes with these tutorials!  different breads with butter

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Easter egg decoration

Blown Eggs for Easter

Learn how to make your own blown eggs for Easter so you can use them all season for decorating and crafting.  This DIY tutorial takes you from egg to ornament with suggestions for decorating and making ornaments.  This is an Easter and spring craft for kids and adults alike! Easter egg decoration
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yellow eggs on wood

Natural Dyes for Easter – Homemade & Commercial

If you’re wondering how to make natural dyes for Easter eggs, I suggest you begin by reading this article.  After you’ve tried it once or twice, making your own natural dyes each holiday will be easy for you and you can start experimenting with new materials.  Just for the sake of science, we’ve included a comparison we did of homemade natural dyes and purchased natural dyes.  We’ve also included tips and troubleshooting! yellow eggs on wood Continue reading “Natural Dyes for Easter – Homemade & Commercial”

Grow Food Fast – Kitchen & Garden

Sometimes you just don’t have time to wait for spring, or you’ve waited too long to get the spring garden started.  Other times, you’re stuck at home with illness or pregnancy but still need to feed your family.  Ah, quarantines!  Here are six ideas for foods you can quickly produce – grow food fast on your counter and in the garden (including pots)!

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milk kefir grains on a wooden spoon

How to Make and Use Milk Kefir

Have you heard of milk kefir?  Maybe all you know is that is has some connection to probiotics and everyone seems to pronounce it differently.  Well, here are the basics on how to make milk kefir, along with the benefits and ways to use it.  milk kefir grains on a wooden spoon
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great pyrenees dog

Homestead Dogs: Do You Need a Livestock Guard Dog

Are you wondering if you need a livestock guard dog on your property?  If you need homestead dogs, what are the best breeds for you to consider?  Do you know what you need a dog to do on your homestead?  Before you purchase a homestead dog, we invite you to consider the following points.  great pyrenees dog

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shamrock cookie with dried green powder

3-Way Naturally Dyed St. Patrick’s Day Cookies

If you’re frustrated trying to find homemade, natural green dye that actually works for your St. Patrick’s Day cookies, look no further! I have three cookie decoration methods, including buttercream frosting, that I’ve started using to incorporate that tricky green natural food coloring.  I finally found a way to decorate St. Patrick’s Day cookies that’s easy and homemade!  shamrock cookie with dried green powder

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mayonnaise on a spoon

Homemade Mayonnaise

Here’s how to make healthy, homemade mayonnaise in mere minutes.  This recipe is low carb/Keto compliant and is easily included in any homemade salad dressing, sauce or sandwich. We’ve included troubleshooting advice, as well as how to use up failed mayonnaise because, hey, it happens sometimes!mayonnaise on a spoon Continue reading “Homemade Mayonnaise”

Meals in a Jar + Curry Mayo Recipe!

Here are some of our favorite meals in a jar ideas for easy, ready to eat, homemade to-go food for families who insist on nutritious meals even when they’re busy.  From dance class to lunch bags, these meals in a jar will keep the family full and happy.  As a bonus, I’ve included my favorite curry mayo recipe that goes well with many of the recipes in this post.  As ANOTHER bonus, we’re introducing you to Kristy Bernardo’s latest book, Weeknight Ketomeals in jars

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