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Herbal Tea Gardens l Book review for the herb lover l Homestead Lady (.com)Here’s a book review of Herbal Tea Gardens, by Marietta Marshal Marcin, for those interested in starting an herb garden but who don’t know where to begin.  I LOVE this simply formatted book making herbal tea gardens a reality for anyone.  

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Vet at the Library

Occasionally I binge – at the library, that is.  Do you ever just walk down the gardening or homesteading section of your local library and lose your mind.  Do you pull nearly every book from the shelf, convinced you’re going to read every single one?!

This little gem, Herbal Tea Gardens, came to me via one of those episodes at the library.  I loved it so much that I bought my own copy!  In fact, I encourage everyone to vet books through your local library.  If you have a book you really want to see before you buy, let your librarian know.

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Book Review Herbal Tea Gardens

I love herbs and am pretty much content to read any book that covers them.  Herbal Tea Gardens was an herbal joy to read and study.  Since we just installed a medicinal herb garden this past year, I really enjoyed seeing all these possibilities when it comes to herbal plant combinations.  This book will be very helpful as we flesh out the garden design in the next few years.

Here are some of Herbal Tea Gardens highlights:

  1. Its not too long – would make a great bathroom book.  What does that say about me that I include that in my criteria of a good book?
  2. It gives a history of tea, it’s definition and how to brew a really good cuppa.
  3. The content includes a great compendium of herbs used for teas.  FYI, tea is not restricted to the “tea” plant.  A tea is a broad herbal preparation with an equally broad range of possibilities!
  4. The book gives various herb garden design ideas like First Aid gardens, Colds/Flu, Headache, Sleepy Time and more!
  5. There are also suggested designs for certain micro-climates in your area and to suit the various cultural requirements of the plants.
  6. Of course, you’ll be so inspired at this point that you will naturally need to know how to install and maintain one of the awesome designs…no worries!  There’s a whole section on that very thing.  You can also read our post about that by clicking here.
  7. If you’re going to stock your garden, unless you’re a millionaire, you’re going to need to know how to propagate your own plants.  In the book, there’s information on growing herbs from seed, taking cuttings and even layering.
  8. The information on harvesting, drying and storing is also really helpful.
  9. Probably the best part of the book is the reference chart at the back.  It has a whole bunch of information compiled for you to study all at once.  Included on the chart (which is several pages long) is information on plant type, height, soil and light requirements, propagation methods and parts used for teas.
  10. There’s also a list of references that include seed and plant companies, as well as other Storey books on this subject.

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One Little Drawback

If you like herbal tea (or medicinal herbs) Herbal Tea Gardens is a great book – succinct, complete and appealing.  Even though I own several herb books, I still bought this one because I liked its layout and content.  I’m usually a stickler for good graphics and these ones had really nice drawings.  I will say, though, that in a plant book, I really do like some good photos and I missed them.  I was especially interested in seeing photos of mature herb gardens.  Aside from that, this book gets five stars!

For More Herbal Reads

If you’re looking for another great herbal book, try our very own Herbs in the Bathtub, to learn how to grow herbs in pots wherever you live and whatever phase of life you’re in.

Also, if you’re interested in really delving into medicinal herbal education, be sure to check out The Herbal Academy.  From novice to experienced herbalist, there’s a class for you.  Click below for more information.

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6 thoughts on “Book Review of Herbal Tea Gardens

  1. Sometimes when I go to the library I need a big reusable tote to put all by books in. Last time I picked up my books there were 14! What was a thinking?

    1. Were you by yourself? I usually do that when, by some miracle, I end up there without the kids. I act like I’m book starved!

  2. Great review. Another one to add to my list. And, yes, I do the same thing at the library. I especially love books with lots of pictures. Thanks for linking up to Non Fiction Book Love.

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