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apple tree branches apples in a box apple with a heart shape carved on it

How to Plant a Fruit Tree

Here is an in-depth article on how to, where to, best time to and why you’d want to plant a fruit tree. This also includes information on companion plants for fruit trees, beneficial insect and animal habitats and what a permaculture orchard looks like. If you need to know how to REALLY plant a fruit tree and why the ones you’ve planted in the past haven’t thrived, this is the article for you! apple tree branches apples in a box apple with a heart shape carved on it

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mason bee house

How to Attract Mason Bees to Fruit Trees

If you’re planting backyard fruit trees or small orchard, you may have heard that mason bees can help with pollination. Here are 4 simple steps that can help you attract mason bees to your fruit trees. Step 4 includes directions for making your own mason bee house. mason bee house

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fabric scraps and wreaths

Fabric Scrap Craft Wreaths for Any Holiday

Here’s an easy, DIY, no sew fabric scrap craft that’s great for kids and grown-ups. Use up some of your fabric stash to make these wreaths that work as a garland, napkin holders or ornaments for any holiday. Bonus, they make great handmade gifts for any occasion! fabric scraps and wreaths

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Homestead Side Hustles

Here are over 25 detailed ideas on how to get a little homestead side hustle working for you this year. Tips, advice and possible pitfalls for DIY passive income for things you may already produce on the homestead. Plus, a reminder that you don’t HAVE to do it all, if you decide not to!

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