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What does it mean to live fiercely DIY? Here’s an education on that very topic…Plus a special offer of free e-books from Schneider Peeps,  The 104 Homestead and Homestead Lady!

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Living Fiercely DIY

When I say education, I mean education. I’ve been running the ads for a course called Fiercely DIY for awhile now because I so believe in the power of this course to teach a homesteading lifestyle. Even if you think of yourself more as a DIYer than a homesteader, they’re really the same thing. The classes are all online with my good blogging friend Kathie from Homespun Seasonal Living who walks the walk when it comes to this kind of life. She lives, gardens, preserves, crafts and creates around the seasons and knows how to mentor you as you learn to do the same. Plus, she’s a great teacher – honest, down to earth and without any froo-froo nonsense about her. She’s created a beautiful program, complete with an class community on social media, recipes, videos and E-material to support what you’re learning. The projects presented for this course are specifically for summer and all the abundance that’s available this time of year but  you’ll be learning skills that you can use all year round.

So, what are all these fabulous things you’ll be learning? You can download a free sample of course projects by clicking this link. Here’s a quick review, as well, to give you an idea of what you’ll be studying.

Weekly Topics:

Journaling / Record Keeping: I love that Kathie starts with this because it’s one of my weak areas. I know that I need to keep a better record of my homestead endeavors because, when I do, I always go back to read them and learn something important. BUT, I often fall short. Having a mentor keep me accountable would be awesome!

Kathie says, “We’ll talk about the artistic and the practical…. These journals and notes, from the basic to the elaborate, help us keep track of what worked, what didn’t, what we’d like to change, and much more. They become a one-of-kind reference library…”

Foraging Basics: In recent years I’ve become very interested in the idea of understanding my native habitat enough to make a meal from it. This is a great preparedness skill to have but it’s also a frugal way to  make use of the “weeds” in my own backyard. It’s important to learn to forage ethically and safely, though, so you want an experienced teacher.

Kathie says, “You’ll gain some basic skills in foraging and how to use those items for food, medicine, and more…. We won’t master wild foods in this course, but you will leave empowered to try some of the more common and basic items available in the wild.” 

Dehydrating: Can I just tell you how much I’ve enjoyed using a dehydrator these past few years. Tomatoes have always been the bane of my canning experience every year – they’re sticky, they’re messy, they’re itchy. No more! I dehydrate my tomato harvest now, for the most part, and have never looked back. I learned this year that I could use my solar oven as a dehydrator! You can even use your regular oven so let Kathie introduce you to this tidy, easy method of food preservation.

Kathie says, “Summer provides us with many wonderful things that seem to vanish or spoil in an instant….Various methods and recipes will be shared as well as how to use those dried jewels later.”

Herbal Teas: Tea can be a confusing word because some of us think only of the tea plant (Camellia sinensis) but herbal teas, or decoctions, can be made from any herb, fruit, flower or even vegetable to provide health and healing during these strenuous summer months. Let Kathie help you know what to use now, as well as plan ahead for the winter.

Kathie says, “We’ll talk about drying for winter use as well….We’ll go far beyond the standard mint and talk about tree leaves, dried berries, barks, and many of the herbs and ‘weeds’ growing in hedgerows.”

Jams & Jellies: Nothing is so appealing as fruit and learning to preserve the fruit from your gardens or local farms can be such a boon come the dark days of winter. You aren’t limited to fruit, either, as Kathie will show you unique combinations that even include vegetables and herbs. After “hanging out” with her online and sharing her content for years now, I can promise with confidence that this girl knows her jams and jellies!

Kathie says, “…jams, jellies, and fruit butters…make for tasty cookie fillings, toast toppings, and amazing gifts. We’ll talk about traditional canning, freezer jams, and small batches while covering basic methods, safety, and sharing plenty of recipes and inspirational jumping off points to help you create something truly unique…”

Summer Salads: Sometimes I feel like salad is all we eat all summer and by July, I seriously need some inspiration. Never fear, Kathie is here!

Kathie says, “..salads [are] cooling and refreshing during the hot days. We’ll cover a variety of methods (pasta salads, greens, slaws, etc.)….These salads will all be based on whole-food ingredients and have ideas for the vegan and the carnivore.”

Herbal Medicine: By far, the  most popular post I’ve ever written is one on how to plan and plant a medicinal herb garden and every month, my most investigated ads are for herbal courses and products. People are craving information on this topic. Kathie is very comfortable with herbs – she grows them, harvests them, uses them and loves them. This course is a great place to wet your appetite if you’re interested in medicinal herbs.

Kathie says, “Tinctures, teas, salves, and more to help build a foundation to expand upon, as well as specific recipes and projects. Many of these will come from my personal library built from years of experience and research from renowned herbalists and teachers.”

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Care Packages: Kathie is like the queen of homestead care packages – she’s even written books on the subject! I’m really not very good at this, though. My idea of a care package is cookies in a Ziploc bag but Kathie has inspired me over and over to get creative without getting expensive or doing something outside of my nature. The kids and I are always leaving little treats for our friends and Kathie has helped us make them more personal.

Kathie says, “Share the abundance of summer and your courageous home with loved ones. We’ll be getting crafty with ideas for adults and kids a like that will allow us to share the various projects we’ve been doing through the creation of loving and intentional gifts.”

Summer Soups: Soup is my favorite fall back meal, especially in the summer when I have so many veggies on hand. Let’s be honest, I’m never on schedule when it comes to preserving the harvest so I always have vegetables threatening to rot on my counter. Like the salads, along about mid-summer, I just need some fresh ideas.

Kathie says, “Light and full of flavor soups can be an often overlooked…We’ll cover a variety of methods and get plenty of recipes for both warm and cold soups, again only using whole food ingredients.”

Cordial Making: Even the name cordial is so appealing – I always think of the scene in Anne of Green Gables when Dianna is tempted beyond what’s healthy by that delectable cordial. I’m not a drinker, though, and so I asked Kathie if there was a way to make these non-alcoholic for those of us who don’t indulge.

Kathie says, “All those things we use in making teas, salads, and more also tend to make great cordials….While cordials are technically alcoholic beverages, we’ll also cover making flavored simple syrups to make things like Italian Sodas for the non-drinking adults and to keep the kids entertained as well.”

Summer Sweets: If you’re going to work hard this summer, you deserve a treat. Just sayin’.

Kathie says, “We’ll do some baking but focus on treats that can be made quickly and easily with some freezing and refrigeration while [using] what’s in season and fresh and using only whole, natural ingredients.”

Body Products: This is something I’ve learned to make time for in the past few years because being able to control the ingredients in my body products has become increasingly important. Plus, my four daughters dig it.

Kathie says, “Make products that help soothe and refresh the body during the heat of summer while also preparing for seasons ahead. We’ll infuse oils with summer’s herbs for use in soothing salves, make deodorants and powders to help ease the odors and itching that often accompany summer’s heat and create products that are easily customizable for your home or gift-giving needs.” 

From candied wildflowers to deodorant cream to tree teas, there is absolutely something for everyone here. Incidentally, this course would be a great gift for a new bride, college student, young mother, hip grandpa or aspiring homesteader in your life.

Free With Your Purchase!

Because Kathie’s content is so important for people to get their hands on, a few blogging friends have gotten together to offer you some free gifts with your purchase of the Fircely DIY Course.

First, Angi from Schneider Peeps has offered anyone of  her e-books for free when  you purchase Kathie’s course. Simply visit Angi’s shop page and take your pick. Are you struggling with un- or under-employment? Try Hope. Drowning in laundry? Try Taming the Laundry Monster. Need a way to finally get organized in the garden? Try the Gardening Notebook.

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Next comes Jess from The 104 Homestead who is offering her Homemade Beauty Essentials, wherein you can learn how to make hard lotion bars, lip balms and soaps – all natural and all possible to make yourself!

Homemade Beauty Essentials eBook

Finally, I can offer a free download of my soon-to-be-released DIY Homestead Journal, which will come out in conjunction with The Do It Yourself Homestead book. These haven’t even hit production yet and you are the first to know about them! The Journal is designed to be used as a workbook as you move through The Do It Yourself Homestead,  BUT it will also be a resource you can use on your homestead without the book. Like I said, I’m constantly trying to keep track of all my notes from the my projects – the recipes, the fails, the animals, the stuff that works – and the Journal will be as much a help to me as to anyone.

To claim any and all of these free resources, simply use this link for Angi, this link for Jess and this link for me. Send us the receipt for your purchase of the Fiercly DIY course and we’ll send you a link for the download (remember, mine will be released soon but is not immediately available).

Just to be clear, these offers are only good for those who purchase the Fiercely DIY course; you must provide proof of purchase.

You need to hurry, too, because registration closes this Sunday, June 21nd and the course begins Monday the 22nd.

Fiercely DIY All Around

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