Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father's Day from all of us at Homestead Lady - www.homesteadlady.comHappy Father’s Day to all the men out there – yes, whether you have children or not.  Hey, if Eve could be the mother of all living before she’d ever birthed a child, then surely Adam was the father of all living before he had one of his own.  So, here’s to all of the men, the real men with real hearts and minds.  Happy, happy father’s day!

Real Men Father

Have you ever wondered why modern English is so sexist when it comes to the terms “fathering” and “mothering”?  We tend to think of mothering as nuturing, rearing, loving, sacrifice for and otherwise raising children.  When someone use the term  fathering, I bet you and I just think of a man as a sperm donor.  How remarkably short-sighted and unelightened that is.

Father’s are a special breed of person.  You can spot them everywhere you go. 

Those men that seem to have a certain demeanor of concern and patience.  It crops up when they’re with children or in a board room or on the phone with customer service.  These father-men are always looking out for you, ready with a handy tip or a corny joke or a gentle reproof. They’re also lots of fun to be around and get messy with.

These men are easily identifiable because of their gentleness.  But woe be unto anyone who crosses these men when it comes to the people they care about.  All of a sudden, they draw up to their full height as papa bears, barreling at you with a presence requires response.  Usually in the form of repentance.

Every Day Dads

My children’s father is the rock of our family and the great love of my life.  He’s always there, good days and bad.  He’s in every fun idea, every family project, every day and every quiet hour. 

He’s knee deep when we mess up, he’s the first to say he’s sorry, he’s the one who holds up and puts back together. 

When something breaks, the kids always say, “Don’t worry, Daddy can fix that!”  He’s done it with Christmas ornaments, bloody knees and my heart. Here's a Happy Father's Day from Homestead Lady - Our Dad, Homestead Gentleman, the Bomb! www.homesteadlady.com

Happy Father's Day from all of us at Homestead Lady - www.homesteadlady.com

The Power of Dads

Fathers have quietly been changing the world for millennia and the power of positive change that one father has is immeasurable. 

At his death in 1902, The De Smet News and Leader wrote about Charles Ingalls (made famous by his daughter Laura’s writing of him in the Little House on the Prairie books):

“As a citizen he was held in high esteem, being honest and upright in his dealings and associations with his fellows.  As a friend and neighbor he was always kind and courteous and as a husband and father he was faithful and loving.  And what better can be said of any man?”

What more indeed.

Here’s one last tribute to dads – this one brought tears to my eyes and I ain’t no crier.

Earthly Father, Heavenly Father - www.mormon.org - www.homesteadlady.com

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  1. That was awesome, Tessa! Thanks for the inspiring words. And YES–your husband is AWESOME–I’ve seen him in action, and it’s true!

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