Holiday Keto Fat Bomb: The “Sugar Plum”

Who says Keto can’t be festive?! Here’s a simple recipe for a modern twist of the traditional confection, the sugar plum. Using coconut and pomegranate, this holiday Keto fat bomb recipe is sure to please.

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What’s a Sugar Plum?

Sugar plums have long been associated with the Christmas season. The Victorians had visions of sugar plums dancing in their head as they read Reverent Moore’s classic holiday poem, “The Night Before Christmas.” If you’re a fan of the Nutcracker, then you’re well aware that Tchaikovsky featured sugar plums in this ballet. But what, exactly, are sugar plums?

According to Mrs. Sharp’s Traditions, sugar plums were originally whole eggs transformed into a glaceed-type “fruit” after long simmering in sugar syrup. Hmm, a protein turned into a treat. That sounds a lot like a Keto fat bomb to me!

Over time, the sugar plum became simply a round ball of sugar in various flavors. The process of making them, in the days before mechanization, could take days – this is why they were considered such a treat. You needn’t wait three days to eat our version of the holiday Keto fat bomb. In fact, you can whip these up in a matter of minutes once you have the pomegranate arils (seeds) processed out of the pomegranate skin.

Are Pomegranates Keto-Approved?

I love pomegranates but that was my first question – can I eat them on a Keto diet? I did some research and concluded that yes, I can eat the seeds. No, I can’t drink the juice.

Here’s a link to a video for Dr. Eric Berg that really explained it well. In fact, I use his videos a lot as I learn more about the idea of ketosis and foods.

Dr. Berg shows that in a 1/2 cup of pomegranate seeds there are 12 grams of sugar. He also explains how pomegranate seeds have phytonutrients that increase the size and number of B-cells which are what the pancreas uses to produce insulin. Pomegranate also does a number of other healthy  magic tricks in your body and is just all-around good to eat. Remember, we’re talking about the seeds, not the juice.

He recommends sprinkling the seeds on salads or even eating a few out of hand – don’t make them a meal, of course. Pomegranate seeds can be frozen to use later, too, since they’re often only in stores around the holidays.

Holiday Keto Fat Bombs

So, here’s a recipe for a lovely and delicious Holiday Keto Fat Bomb – a modern pomegranate twist on the old holiday favorite, the sugar plum. No, these don’t have sugar and no, they don’t have plums. What they do have is beautiful fat, healthy pomegranate and a delicious flavor.

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Pomegranate Keto Fat Bomb Recipe l Homestead
Christmas Keto Fat Bomb - A Modern Sugar Plum
Prep Time
10 mins
30 mins

Here's a recipe for a lovely and delicious Christmas Keto Fat Bomb - a modern pomegranate twist on the old holiday favorite, the sugar plum.  No, these don't have sugar and no, they don't have plums.  What they do have is beautiful fat, healthy pomegranate and a delicious flavor.

Course: Snack
Cuisine: American
Keyword: Christmas, fat bomb, keto
  • 1/2 Cup Coconut Oil, softened
  • 1/4 Cup Coconut Butter
  • 1/4 Cup Finely Shredded Coconut, optional
  • Pinch Sea Salt and Powdered Ginger, each
  • 1/2 Cup Pomegranate arils
  • 5-10 Drops Stevia or raw honey, optional
  1. Blend all ingredients except pomegranate on high until well mixed.  Scrape sides, if needed.

  2. Add pomegranate and blend until just mixed.

  3. Scoop mixture into silicone molds or an ice cube tray and pat flat.  Number of servings depends entirely on what mold you're using and how much you can get into it.  Don't go much over a tablespoon as these are really rich, FYI.

  4. Place in the fridge or freezer for at least 30 minutes to set up.  I like these frozen best of all.

Recipe Notes

If your molds are on the large size, you can save back a handful of arils to mix into your batter whole.  Pomegranate is such a beautiful fruit, this is just a way to showcase its loveliness.  If your mold is small, mix them all in and enjoy the lovely pink color that results.


Enjoy your modern sugarplums any time you need a quick boost of energy.  

These are great for any holiday, so don’t hesitate to use all those cute candy molds you have sitting around. Holiday Keto Fat Bomb l Heart healthy pomegranate Keto fat bombs easy recipe l Homestead

Or, maybe it’s time to gift yourself some for Christmas or Valentine’s Day? I like these ones:

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Or, here’s another fat bomb recipe to try: Lemon Fat Bombs from Tasting Paige – I bet these would taste great with pomegranate added to them!

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