Hope – A Commandment

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“For we are saved by hope,” the Christian Bible tells us. That often forgotten sister of Faith and Charity, Hope is certainly a virtue.

But what about when we’re tired and beat up?

What about when we spend half our day trying to remember what could have possibly motivated us to get out of bed?

We hope, soldier, we hope. We wait and we believe and we find people to serve while we anticipate a better, less painful way.

Things have a way of working out. Even when the way stays messy and keeps hurting, we hope. We are not of them that turn back.

We remember how strong and sure we felt when we believed in what we were doing and we wait to feel that way again. We reject the feeling that it will always be this way.

In the end, truly, we get what we want.

So, we choose hope…until it chooses us. And it will.


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4 thoughts on “Hope – A Commandment

  1. I so agree. I know Hope and God’s love is what gets me through many days. Bless you for posting this because today is one of those days that I need to believe in Hope.

  2. Some things are for our information. Some are directly to us.
    Paul in this case was talking to a specific audience, or maybe even specific people in that audience.
    Sometimes we talk to one child or a person specifically, and someone else might hear or read a message and misapply it to themselves.
    God is a merciful god and knows your heart.

    Humans are not always in control of their minds or their emotions. It’s a never ending process. You can get better but you will never be perfect. At the end of the day pray for forgiveness and move on. In the morning start with thanking Him for all that you have. Be grateful, do your best and learn from your mistakes and be a little closer to perfect than you were yesterday. You and your loved ones and the ones who love you with all your imperfections. You must be doing somethng right.


  3. Very inspiring. Hope is something I think we all need to have a little more of at times – I know I do. We live in such a crazy world. Thanks for sharing. Visiting from Wildcrafting Wednesday!

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