Invincible Summer

Invicible Summer l Homestead Lady (.com)A surprise snow storm has hit the spring garden.

Fake Spring

So there was spring. And there was more snow.

The apple blossoms are coated in a blanket of it. The cherry blossoms are sagging under it’s weight.

But the kale and the spring onions seem to be cheering them on. Even the daffodils are undaunted. Nature finds a way to bounce back.

Sudden snowstorm over the spring garden l Homestead Lady (.com)

There’s a lesson for me in that, I’m sure.

Garden Inspiration

Need a little garden inspiration this time of year? Here you go:

Keep your chin up – spring is coming!


Maybe check out this Botany and Wildcrafting course from Herbal Academy while you wait. You’ll really know your stuff by the time things thaw!

Botany & Wildcrafting Course by Herbal Academy

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8 thoughts on “Invincible Summer

  1. Magnificent looking garden. Mine is still to soggy to walk on. Fortunately with Spring snows they seldom last and are not as dangerous as a surprize frost. Crossing my fingers for your apple and cherry blossoms.

  2. As long as Summer and Winter, springtime and harvest….

    Hang in there. It looks like the snow that takes the snow away.

    1. Actually, Angi, we’ve been so starved for moisture this year that is was truly a blessing. Sometimes our blessings look a lot like trials and you just have to wait for the view to change. The snow really is lovely – so soft and quiet when it falls. Texas has it’s own beauties, though – you’re one of them, m’dear!

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