Kids Care Package Projects

Kids Care Package Projects l Gues post from Homespun Seasonal Living l #fiercelydiyI’m so pleased to Kathie of Homespun Seasonal Living visiting us today with a guest post!  One of her specialties is care package ideas with real food and seasonal ingredients, special homestead products and personal touches that are so sweet and unique.  She’s even written books on the topic!  Without further ado, here are her care package project ideas for kids – you know I love the homestead kid stuff.

Kids Care Package Projects

Homesteaders tend to enjoy their homes and sharing those homes with others. Kids especially it seems love to talk about, show, and share the things they’re doing at home with most anyone willing to listen but most especially with loved ones.  For the loved ones far away let the kids help in creating meaningful care packages that let them share the homestead with these fun and easy projects.

Customized Clothespins

Give the kids a bunch of plain clothespins and some letter stamps.  Let them put names and words on the clothespins for the intended recipient. It’s quick and easy but perfectly customized.  Alternatively, paint the outside of the clothes pin and / or glue foam shapes, buttons, and more to the ends for truly special touches that will remind someone how very much they are loved even when far away during the day’s chores.

Kids Care Package Projects l 1[Photo Kathie Lapcevic Painted Clothespins l

Pressed Flower Bookmarks

Have the kids gather flowers and press them flat by placing them between sheets of parchment paper and placing heavy books on top for about week.  After the flowers are flat and dry, have the kids space them out on card stock or other heavy paper. Use a piece clear contact paper on to hold the flowers to the card stock and cut into a bookmark shape (1-2 inches wide by about 4″ high).  The great thing about these bookmarks are is that they can easily fit inside a card or regular envelope for inexpensive shipping.

One-of-a-Kind Seed Packets

Have the kids draw on blank pieces of paper or color in coloring books and use those pages to create upcycled envelopes that can then store seeds or simply small notes to mail off to loved ones.  Those envelopes are likely to be treasured as much as what they can contain by grandparents most especially.Kids Care Package Projects l Recycled envelopes l Homestead Lady (.com)

Care packages don’t need a season or reason for being mailed but there’s no reason these projects can’t be done over the lazy days of summer and then saved for the holidays or birthdays later on in the year.

Fiercely D.I.Y.

Sharing the love of home is one of the many ways to build a courageous home and live fiercely D.I.Y. Creating care packages is one of the weekly projects in this summer’s Fiercely D.I.Y. e-course being offered by Homespun Seasonal Living. The E-course is designed to inspire and encourage you to live a life by own your hands, on your own terms, and in your own pace. You can learn more, download a sampler, and register for the course over at Homespun Seasonal Living.  May I just say that I wish, wish, wish I had access to this course when I was a young wife and then a young mother and then a young homesteader.  I had never thought about seasonal living and, although I’ve always been a hard worker, back then it never occurred to me how much I could really be doing and creating myself.  I’ve seen the coursework for this course of Kathie’s a do not hesitate even for a moment to say it will be so much fun!!

The perfect gift, too, for any newly married, grandparent, savvy single or anyone you know with a homesteader’s heart.

Fiercely DIY Summer E Course l Homespun Seaasonal Living

About Kathie N. Lapcevic  – Kathie is a freelance writer, teacher, and blogger living in northwest Montana with her soulmate Jeff.  She lives a fiercely D.I.Y. lifestyle in harmony with the natural rhythms of nature.  You can follow her blog at Homespun Seasonal Living.

If you want to learn more about the course and Kathie’s unique voice, just visit these links below!

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