Kitchen Quick Tip: Make Your Own Powdered Sugar

Make Your Own Powdered Sugar l Kitchen Quick Tip by Homestead Lady (.com)Here’s a new, informal series of quick tips we’ve learned by living the homesteading lifestyle. Some of this stuff you may already know and some of it might be new. It’s important we share the things we’ve learned so the next generation of modern homesteaders won’t have to waste their precious time making our same mistakes, right? (They can be free to go off and make their own!)  So, here it is for today – Make Your Own Powdered Sugar!affiliate disclaimer for topKitchen Quick Tip

Anyone with a blender can do this. Here are the steps to make your own powdered sugar:

  • Measure one cup of your favorite sugar into your blender body – do one cup at a time to avoid overheating your sugar and making it sticky.
  • Quickly turn the blender to its highest setting and blend until fine powder forms.
  • Stop after 30 seconds to air out the sugar (it will start to stick with the heat) and to bang the sides to move more granules down to the blades.
  • Blend until all granules powdered. Use in your favorite recipes.
  • Be sure to let the sugar cool down all the way before you store it.
  • If you use Succanat or Rapadura, you get a caramel/butterscotch flavored powdered sugar that will make a divine frosting for donuts and cake.
  • By making your own powdered sugar you can control what kind of sugar is used – you do NOT have to settle for store bought.
  • Here’s a yummy recipe for Dairy Free Coconut Butter Cream Frosting from the Spunky Coconut .

There you go! Do you have a favorite kitchen hack? Leave a comment below and we may feature it next time!

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    1. I haven’t, Paula, since we don’t have a food processor – ha! I’ve always wanted one, though. You could try it, and see what happens. If it works, let me know, and I’ll add that info to the post – with credit back to you, of course.

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