Malva Mallow Flop

Rose mallow flop - Mallow in Bloom - by www.homesteadlady.comSometimes a plant blows into your yard and you think, “Oh, what a sweet little plant. Maybe I’ll just let it grow up a bit to see what it is.” A month later, you’ve been taken over by the Rose Malva Mallow Flop.

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So, we have cheese weed, a common mallow, growing all over the yard and it has its uses but, holy cow, is it invasive! It has a deep, deep taproot and reseeds itself all over the place. What happened with that baby plant that I left to grow up until I could see if I like it? Well, turns out it was Malva, a kind of mallow with lovely pink flowers. However, it too has a deep taproot and reseeds itself all over the place. I’ve been pulling this thing out of my herb garden for two years now. I feed it to the goats as all parts of mallow are edible but they don’t seem to like it very much and its the one thing the chickens wont eat out of the barnyard. Hence, I have it everywhere. The bees sure do love the flowers, though, and here’s a neat tidbit – you can put up the seeds (that look like cheese wheels) as a caper substitute if you ever have a caper emergency – here’s a post on how to make regular capers, just substitute cheese weed seeds for capers. This is actually really cool because the caper vine doesn’t grow in my zone and I do like to use them sometimes and I don’t like to pay for them. Here’s a good post by Common Sense Homesteading that tells you  more about the uses of mallow. Still and all, I wish I wasn’t quite so blessed with this useful, edible WEED.

Just a note, rose hibiscus or Hibiscus moscheutos is often referred to as “rose mallow”, because the flowers of both hibiscus and mallow look similar – if you squint your eyes a bit. Hibiscus is not a mallow but it does belongs to the Malvaceae family, just like mallow does. 

Beware what you let grow up into adulthood in your garden!




Rose Malva/Mallow Flop - don't let it get ahold in your garden - by

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4 thoughts on “Malva Mallow Flop

  1. This looks like something that is just coming up in my yard too. I know there will be lots of surprises. Most of the perennials that are growing here, I have no clue what they are. Oh the fun of gardening in new places!

    1. I did a lol when I read this. I did the same thing with the same weed. It was so cute and FREE. Yipes! Yes it is everywhere. Like so many things it makes you wonder why nurseries sell these beauties under the lovely term of Hardy. Oh well, love and learn. It teaches us tolerance of a new kind. LOL

      1. Good point, Tammy – I’ll remember that as I’m digging it out with a shovel this summer! 🙂 Do you ever walk by a flat of ivy plants at the nursery and think the same thing? Why on earth would you SELL that stuff?!!!

  2. Might as well eat them yourself. Leaves are great for wrapping as a sub for grape leaves or freeze and add to soups. My goats love the leaves… as long as they are in the feeder not growing…. Weird girls. Oh, my kids love using the overgrown stems as swords until they dry out.

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