Melted Lid Flop

Pyrex Melted Lid Flop - - Homestead FlopsThat moment when you realize you’ve been preheating the oven with the dough you’ve been culturing overnight still inside it. 

Of course, the oven was off when you put your brand new, large Pyrex bowl with it’s uber awesome lid inside to culture your latest batch of kefir dough. But now?

Well, now the oven’s been preheating for a full twenty minutes and you can smell the plastic melting as you wrench open the oven door and nearly grab the thing with your bare hands.

Nevermind that you just bought that bowl. Nevermind that you bought it specifically because it was large, glass and had a matching lid. Nevermind that your double batch of cultured dough now has melted plastic running through it like the red veins now bulging at your temples. Nevermind that you just experienced the Pyrex melted lid flop. No worries.

Your son says, “Hey, Mom, look – a Frisbee! Wow, it flies great!”

This has been your Keepin’ it Real Moment; brought to you by Homestead Lady.


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8 thoughts on “Melted Lid Flop

  1. I make yogurt in the very same bowl, wrapped in a towel in my oven. After hubby tried to preheat one of the first batches (before I bought the bowl) I started taping the oven control. If he has to peel the tape off to turn the oven on it dawns on him there is something in there. Fortunately I caught him in time and we didn’t even scorch the towel.

  2. Call the company, they’ll send you a replacement lid. I melted a lid last year and when I called the company (Pyrex), they sent me a new one for free. That’ll make it all better, right? 🙂

  3. I tried sending an email through the contact tab on your pocket farm website but I’m not sure you got it so I thought I would cover my bases and send you a note this way too. I am so, so interested in your homestead. It is my dream to live in a place like you live and have the resources available to live a less commercial and more natural lifestyle and I started doing little dances at my computer when I read that you were going to put it on the market. I’ve been following your blog since I found it last spring and everything I know about your yard makes me giddy with excitement. I just have a couple of questions about the house and neighborhood. How would be the best way to contact you about that?

    1. I’m sorry I missed out on the little dances but I’m glad you’re excited! I was just thinking about the yard last night and hoping I got everything cleaned up before the snow melted so that I don’t end up leaving random things defrosting in the yard! I’ll send you an email right now so you have my home email. Talk to you soon!

  4. My husband was drying our chili’s with the oven light and I went to pre-heat the oven for coffee cake. The smell was spicy but not what I needed for a sweet cake environment.

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