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Homestead Lady Mission Statement l We can help you achieve your DIY lifestyle

Mission is a special word for our family.

Maybe it has something to do with our religious beliefs or maybe it’s our home education philosophies – probably a combination of both. Whatever the root, the idea of finding and fulfilling our personal and family missions is one of our most important goals and one that we spend a great deal of time pondering, praying and counseling together about. Oliver DeMille had this to say about the idea of finding and pursuing your mission:

“There is a metamorphosis of becoming that marks a new…clarity and consecration to mission, a more refined ability to affect change in the world and a greater ability to impact the people within the sphere of influence….The drive to ‘prepare for greatness’ shifts to a drive to deliver. In short, the foundational and educational phases brought to fruition demand that an individual inspire greatness in others and move the cause of liberty.”

Now this refers to DeMille’s philosophy of what he calls Leadership Education, a collection of principles that we happen to implement in our home education and family building efforts, to which are inexorably tied our homesteading efforts.

In a broader sense his statement really explains the push we feel to share what we’ve learned over the decade or more that we’ve truly studied how to be more self sufficient. Mostly what we’ve learned is that we still have so much to learn! In our experiences over the years we’ve gained the most not from books, although we place an infinite value on quality literature, but from the people we’ve met – willing mentors who’ve shared their time, talents, successes and failures with us so that we can ‘go and do likewise’.

As we’ve studied and experimented and persevered our drive has indeed morphed from only preparation for ourselves into some kind of product to deliver to our like-minded friends and neighbors. We realized somewhere along the way that the more people who are able to care for themselves and their families, the better off we all are.

Besides, we just love meeting with and learning from those who’ve also been bitten by the homesteading/preparedness bug. For us, these associations inspire us to greatness and better enable us to move the cause of personal, familial, communal and national liberty as they are all beautifully connected and framed together.

So, Our Homestead Lady Mission?

Well, our mission is to reach you and to connect with you; to connect you with your homes and the great potential that is there and, thereby, connect you with our home. We want to build community so the more people contributing their experience and wisdom, the better!

We are committed to and desire this not because we are the perfect examples of how to do or how to be any given list of principles but because we aspire to run the race and cross the finish line – first place takes second place to striving, in this instance.

We realize that for most of us pursuing even a few principles of self sufficiency we’re doing so while leading our “normal” lives congruently: – work, school, soccer, dance, church service, community work and any other of the myriad of every day activities in which we’re engaged. Add a vegetable garden or a dairy animal or home cooked meals on top of all that and it can get a little crazy.

We’re here to say we know, we get it, we live it every day and, believe us, if we can do it, you can do it.  You CAN do it.  Here are some ideas how…

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4 thoughts on “Our Mission

  1. Tessa,
    I just love reading your site. It is so full of lots of information & stuff like the saave
    that you make or use…all the herb stuff it just goes on & on…love it all. I have to stay in touch to the real life somehow. I know you all are the real thing…even your mom…lol. Hope the pregnancy is going well & the kids are treating you well in this cold weather…Love & kisses & give one to your mom & husband. Your all the greatest.

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