Prepared-Not-Scared Sale!

Prepared-Not-Scared Sale!

You’ve accessed a special page for The Do It Yourself Homestead E-book! Today, you will be able to purchase the digital (E-book) version of our book, The Do It Yourself Homestead, for whatever price you feel you can afford today! (There is a minimum purchase price of $1 as a requirement of our e-commerce provider, PayPal.)

Or, if you really feel this would help you but you can’t afford anything right now, please send me an email at and I’ll get you set up!

>>>>—We’re calling this our Prepared-Not-Scared Sale!—<<<<

What To Do Next to Purchase the E-book for a Discount:

  • To learn if the book is for you, simply keep reading – with over 400 pages of homesteading information, there’s bound to be something of interest for increasing your DIY life skills set!
  • To purchase The Do It Yourself Homestead e-book at your own rate, simply enter your desired amount (with a minimum of $1) and hit the Buy Now button at the bottom of the page. The $1 minimum will pop up automatically, but you can put in whatever amount you can afford (with a minimum of $1). 
  • The regular purchase price is $9.99 and if you feel it’s worth that to you, feel free to put that amount in the box for checkout. If you can’t afford that right now, we totally get it! Put in whatever price you feel you can afford. Again, $1 will pop up in the box when you click on it but you can change it to whatever you like from $1 and up!
  • If you really can’t afford anything right now – I get it! – just email me at and I’ll see that you get a copy.

Should you decide to purchase, it MUST be from this page, FYI. If you navigate off of this page, please re-enter your exclusive URL for your discount code to work properly. Again, this is the ONLY page that can be used to take me up on this offer.

>>–Reminder, this is for the E-version of the book! For print copies, see below–<<

The Do It Yourself Homestead comes in several different formats, as follows:

  1. The PDF file version you are purchasing (or being gifted) today, only from this page that you’re on right now (scroll to the bottom). This file will be automatically sent to you after going through our shopping cart and completing your purchase. Remember, if you need a complimentary copy, please email me at and I will send you the PDF myself.
  2. The Kindle version of the book which can be purchased directly from Amazon (who hosts the Kindle reader for devices). Visit the link a full price ($9.99) Kindle version of The Do It Yourself Homestead. If you purchase a pandemic sale PDF and decide you’d like the Kindle version, simply email me at and let me know.
  3. The print version (sometimes called a hard copy) of the book. These must be purchased directly from Amazon since they print and deliver them – click on the link for a FULL PRICE ($18.61) print copy of The Do It Yourself Homestead. We recently lowered the price to under $19, but I may be able to reduce it a bit more. Production costs are pretty high with a printed book, especially one so large, but I’ll see if I can finaggle more of a savings. 

To be completely frank, there’s NO WAY that I, personally, could get through such a lengthy book on a device – I much prefer print books. However, I’m very aware that many people navigate books very well on their electronic devices and am happy to share this resource with you. If you decide you’d like a print copy, as I said, you can always access one using this link:

>>–Click on the link for a PRINT copy of The Do It Yourself Homestead for FULL PRICE – NOT FOR $1, FYI–<<

Thank you for your patience while I explained that; email me if it’s still confusing.
The point of the sale was to help – not give you one more source of confusion!

To continue on with your purchase of Pay What You Can version of The Do It Yourself Homestead, simple keep reading (to learn more about the book), or scroll to the end for checkout instructions. Godspeed!

About The Do It Yourself Homestead

Looking to feel more prepared for any eventuality so that you no longer experience fears when reading the newspaper?

Wanting to gather your family together, as opposed to watching them drift apart, distracted by the siren call of the modern lifestyle?

Fearful and wondering how you are going to make it through to your homesteading dreams with your current finances? 

Wondering how to expand your homesteading efforts while still maintaining the rest of your life?

Well, if you have experienced any or all of the above, don’t fret; today you have the opportunity to make that change.

The Do It Yourself Homestead will help you:

  • Make your own food staples and use up what you already have on hand in healthy ways.
  • Grow your own food and plant medicines, whether you live in an apartment or on hundreds of acres.
  • Discover how to preserve surplus fruits and vegetables safely and even more efficiently than your great grandmother did, so that you don’t have to go to the grocery store as often.
  • Gain the skills you need to grow your self-sufficiency skills at your own level of comfort.
  • Learn in an organized way because for each topic in the book you will find homestead journal prompts, action item suggestions and DIY projects, website and book recommendations as well as personal advice and experience.
  • Find numerous links to articles and resources for those who are online, including tutorials, videos and informative articles.
  • Provide quotes and interviews with real life homesteaders, all on varying lot sizes. Each one has a different family make up; a different vision and a different voice but each is inspiring homesteaders.
  • Give you access to abundant bonus material including a DIY Homestead Journal, DIY Homestead Unit Study (for homeschool students or any student!) and free downloads.

And the best of all, The Do It Yourself Homestead will encourage you to cultivate gratitude and provident living,
so you can be happier and serve your family and others in your homestead community!

How would this make a difference in your life? What would you change?

The Do It Yourself Homestead by Tessa Zundel l Your Homestead Guide Book l 4 Levels of Homesteading l 8 Topics and More

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