From Scratch Online Homesteaders Magazine

From Scratch - Free Online Magazine for Homesteaders - www.homesteadlady.comWhat did I scratch?!  From Scratch online homesteaders magazine JuneJuly  issue was released this week and I wanted to introduce y’all in case you hadn’t met before. From Scratch, meet Homestead Lady’s friends; Friends, meet From Scratch. Oh, did I mention that From Scratch is completely free?

From Scratch Online Homesteaders Magazine

Before I started contributing now and then to From Scratch I was skeptical about an online magazine – I’m very, very old fashioned when it comes to printed material and want it in my hands. I’m wrong so often you’d think I’d just get over myself and assume my assumptions are dopey from the get go. Yes, I still love traditional books but this online magazine thing is wicked cool. 

And From Scratch is a beautiful publication. Its informative and professionally produced and funny and gorgeous. And full of cutting edge homesteading techniques in this new century as well as old timey wisdom that will always be relevant.From Scratch - Old Timey Wisdom - Online Magazine for Homesteaders.

Well, anyway, here’s this month’s issue – you be the judge. I’m not an affiliate of theirs or anything, just a friendly homestead blogger who appreciates quality information about the things I need to know all in one convenient place. Well, wait, that’s not entirely true – when an article of mine gets published, I get a small blurb advertising my site somewhere in the body of the magazine. If you’d like to see the article we produced for this month’s issue, just look for “A Children’s Garden”. But wait, there’s more! How about the article on veteran farmers?! And, oh, loved the one on building a treehouse – children need a treehouse! Oh, there’s so much going on in this issue – go find all the amazing stuff!

From Scratch Magazine - Love writing for that free, online magazine!!!  www.homesteadlady.comLike everything I post here, my motivation in telling you about this great resource is that I want you to have all the information you need to be successful at what you do with your homestead, in all areas of homesteading. Its not just one thing. Homesteading is a way of life and we could all use a little help keepin’ it From Scratch. Am I right?

Have a great read!

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