The Do It Yourself Homestead Journal

The Do It Yourself Journal

The Do It Yourself Homestead Journal
Price: $8.00

Wanting to keep your homestead goals organized but not sure how to do it? I know myself well enough to know that I love to read books, take notes and make goals but when it comes to keep tracking of all those notes and plans, one half ends up disorganized and the other half ends up lost!

Does that sound familiar to you? Are you like me? Well-intentioned and excited, but a little disorganized?

The Do It Yourself Homestead Journal was written to correlate directly back to the book. So, when you’re reading The Homestead Kitchen chapter in The Do It Yourself Homestead and reach the Action Items, DIY and Build Community sections, you’ll find those exact prompts and projects listed in your DIYH Journal. Each chapter has its own section in the DIYH Journal, plus lots of extra sheets for mind mapping and recording your own inspiration.

With plenty of space for making notes, creating tables and brainstorming ideas, the DIYH Journal will:
  • Help you keep track of all your ideas as you read through The Do It Yourself Homestead
  • Guide you through making and keeping the goals you set as you read each chapter of the book
  • Provide fill-in- the-blank lists and tables for you to estimate canning goals, food staple amounts and so much more
  • Encourage and motivate you do actually DO the things you’re reading about
  • Is provided in convenient PDF format so you can print only what you need, when you need it
  • Is available in BLACK AND WHITE or COLOR to suit your needs
  • Is easy to print off and place in a three-ring binder for ease of use

Don’t let all the hope and excitement of reading The Do It Yourself Homestead go to waste! Commit to DOING what you’ve read about and keep your own DIY Homestead Journal!

This is a digital PDF download that can be enjoyed on your computer or ereader device.

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