The Do It Yourself Homestead

Fearful and wondering how you are going to make it through to your homesteading dreams with your current finances? 

Wanting to gather your family together, as opposed to watching them drift apart, distracted by the siren call of the modern lifestyle?

Looking to feel more prepared for any eventuality so that you no longer experience fears when reading the newspaper?

Wondering how to expand your homesteading efforts while still maintaining the rest of your life?

Well, if you have experienced any or all of the above, don’t fret; today you have the opportunity to make that change.

Worried About How You & Your Family Will Thrive
In Our Times of Economic Uncertainty and Societal Shift?


Imagine if you could…

wheatMake your own food staples and use up what you already have on hand in healthy ways?

Grow your own food and plant medicines, whether you live in an apartment or on hundreds of acres?

Discover how to preserve surplus fruits and vegetables safely and even more efficiently than your great grandmother did, so that you don’t have to go to the grocery store as often?

And the best of all, cultivate gratitude and provident living, so you can be happier and serve your family and others in your homestead community?! How would this make a different in your life? What would you change?

In fact, you don’t have to imagine any longer.


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“Shelter, food, and love: Is there anything more important? In The Do It Yourself Homestead, Tessa Zundel weaves these themes together, making homesteader dreams a practical reality. If you value family, food, and farming, then this is your book.”
— Forrest Pritchard, farmer and New York Times bestselling author of Gaining Ground and Growing Tomorrow


Great New Resource Helps You Learn to Homestead,
Even If You Are a Total Novice!

The Do It Yourself Homestead is designed to fit the needs of all homesteaders by being divided into four levels…

  • Introduction Color 96 dpiAre you a homesteader, the curious and courageous novice?
  • Or do you belong to the homesteadish level, with a bit of experience under your belt?
  • Perhaps you’re a homesteadaholic, eagerly pursing homesteading wherever you live?
  • Are you the sage homesteaded type who fully identifies with the homesteading lifestyle?

If you’re new to homesteading, you will find information and projects to get you started adapting to the homesteading lifestyle. If you’re a seasoned homesteader who feels like you’ve got the basics covered and wants to know what to do next, you will be challenged by the information and goals provided here.


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“Intuitively, many people know that resiliency starts in the home, but as a culture we’ve lost the homestead arts. Not to worry. The Do It Yourself Homestead offers an eclectic recipe for success, whether you’re starting or fine-tuning. A great addition to any homesteader’s library…”
— Joel Salatin, author of Folks, This Ain’t Normal: A Farmer’s Advice for Happier Hens, Healthier People, and a Better World and The Marvelous Pigness of Pigs: Respecting and Caring for All of God’s Creations


Proven Homestead Advice Guaranteed To Work – By A Master Gardener & Teacher!


We’re talking here about instruction and advice that will – when implemented – provide you, your family and your community.

garden-gateYou’ll gain the skills you need to grow your self-sufficiency skills at your own level of comfort.

For each topic you will find homestead journal prompts, action item suggestions and DIY projects, website and book recommendations as well as personal advice and experience.

Numerous links to articles and resources for those who are online, including tutorials, videos and informative articles.

Countless quotes and interviews with real life homesteaders, all on varying lot sizes. Each one has a different family make up; a different vision and a different voice but each is inspiring homesteaders.
Abundant bonus material including a DIY Homestead Journal, DIY Homestead Unit Study (for homeschool students or any student!) and free downloads.


buy-now-buttonPaperback $19.99     Kindle Edition $9.99


What others are saying about The Do It Yourself Homestead…

“Homesteading can feel so very overwhelming no matter stage we’re at, thankfully The Do It Yourself Homestead has arrived to encourage and guide us all to the next level. This amazing resource takes the complete novice by the hand and guides them to projects and resources to build confidence and skills and then proceeds to help the experienced homesteader find even more self-sufficiency and satisfaction. Full of projects for every skill level and chock full of resources to guide us all The Do It Yourself Homestead will quickly become the most used guide on the bookshelf.”  — Kathie Lapcevic, homesteader and author of The Fiercely DIY Guide to Seasonal Living



“Tessa knows what she’s talking about. The Do It Yourself Homestead isn’t just a comprehensive compendium of homestead knowledge gathered from reading books. Ms. Zundel has walked the walk and foreseen the pitfalls so she can guide her readers through them unscathed. But she wasn’t satisfied with relaying just her own experience. In these pages she has gathered the wisdom of dozens of real life homesteaders from apartment dwellers to those on quarter sections, to help her readers move from dream to reality on the continuum of modern homesteading. This is a kitchen table book that you’ll reference over and over, like a love splashed cookbook. The Do It Yourself Homestead stands out as a self-sufficiency how-to book with brilliant ideas that have actually been tested in the field.” — Christine Dalziel, author of The Beginner’s Book of Essential Oils



The Do It Yourself Homestead by Tessa Zundel will be a go-to resource for anyone looking to take on the fabulous challenge of more self-sufficient living. Her common-sense approach, paired with practical tips from other homesteaders, will get you far in your new journey.” — Angela England, author of Backyard Farming on an Acre (More or Less) and Gardening Like a Ninja



“This book is a helpful tool for homesteaders everywhere! Anyone who’s ever dreamed a little (or big!) dream of living a more self-sufficient life will love this book. Whether you’re a question-filled apartment dweller starting from scratch, or a seasoned pro in possession of fertile farmland complete with tractor and milk cow, The Do It Yourself Homestead has something for everyone and is the perfect addition to your homestead library!” — Jan Berry, author of 101 Easy Homemade Products for your Skin, Health & Home



“Tessa’s book, The Do It Yourself Homestead, is quite refreshing. I can’t think of a person on earth that can’t take something from this amazingly concise, humorous, straight-forward educational book. One “stand-out” for me is the challenge to motivate participation of each family member to take part in some aspect of the homestead and contribute to the welfare of one another within the family with industry, skill, and joy at every age. Tessa inspires and makes it easy to take the next step in homesteading no matter where you are in your homesteading journey. If you are a beginner, you’ll quickly become a seasoned homesteader once you complete the projects set forth in each chapter. If you are a seasoned homesteader, you will be encouraged, challenged and well-equipped for further delving into aspects of homesteading you may never have given a thought. Perfectly thought through, very well organized, and a delight to read, I’ll be keeping the The Do It Yourself Homestead on my resource shelf for years to come.” — Stacy Lynn Harris, author of Harvest and Wildgame



“This book is charming. The illustrations are lovely and homespun, the advice is so enjoyable to read that I couldn’t put it down, and there’s something for everyone from the least experienced beginner to those who have been at it for a long time. There is a focus on healthful living, DIY, and simplicity. It all sounds so very attainable that everyone who reads it will be eager to dip a toe into the waters of self-sufficiency – and regardless of where they live, they’ll find tips to help them do just that.

But for me, as great as that was, it wasn’t even the best part of it.

I lived a preparedness lifestyle long before I began homesteading. When I began to straddle the line between the two, I was disappointed to see how many homesteading guides completely disregarded the need for preparedness. After all, isn’t an agrarian, self-sufficient lifestyle the epitome of preparedness?

This book links the two worlds together and ties them up in a neat bow. We live in a world in which anything can happen, and Tessa shows very clearly how preparations for a rainy day are necessary for even the most experienced homesteader. Her section on preparedness breaks the concepts down into easy, sensible steps and she seasons it with a generous dash of humor and personal experience.

I absolutely loved the entire book, and that chapter was the cherry on top of my prepper sundae.” — Daisy Luther, author of The Pantry Primer and The Prepper’s Water Survival Guide



The Do It Yourself Homestead by Tessa Zundel is an absolutely delightful introduction to modern homesteading. Zundel’s friendly voice waltzes the reader effortlessly through the homesteading topics that are dear to our hearts. Each chapter is broken down into bite-sized levels that take the reader from the very basics to the deeper aspects of every subject. If you weren’t sure where to start to create your own homestead, you’ll know now. Don’t keep The Do It Yourself Homestead on your book shelf — keep it in your hands.” — Chris MacLaughlin, author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Small Space Gardening and A Garden to Dye For


Bonus Resources

The Do It Yourself Homestead Unit Study
Are you looking for a way to involve your children or grandchildren in your homestead education? Need some ideas on how to make all that information relevant and FUN? Are you a home educator that would like an easy way to incorporate homestead studies into your homeschool curriculum? The Do It Yourself Homestead Unit Study is here to help! As a home school mom myself, I wrote this year long unit study with the idea of using if for my own family and I'm pleased to be able to offer it to yours.

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The Do It Yourself Homestead Journal
The Do It Yourself Homestead Journal was written to correlate directly back to the book. So, when you’re reading The Homestead Kitchen chapter in The Do It Yourself Homestead and reach the Action Items, DIY and Build Community sections, you’ll find those exact prompts and projects listed in your DIYH Journal. Each chapter has its own section in the DIYH Journal, plus lots of extra sheets for mind mapping and recording your own inspiration.

Price: $8.00
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