The Do It Yourself Levels


$3.99 each

There are FOUR levels of homesteadyness (a totally made up word) in The Do It Yourself Homestead, ensuring that it truly has something for everyone.  However, each of these ebooks includes ONLY the information for a specific level.


The Homestarter level for the curious and courageous novice.  Not too much and not too little information for where you are now. Are you interested in learning about frugality in the kitchen? What about sprouts and microgreens, upcyling ideas and stamping out homestead debt? Have you considered the importance of the family dinner hour, the homestead book group or having a B.O.B. on hand? Well, this is the book for you!

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The Homesteadish level for those with a little experience under their belt.  Are you interested in fermented foods, container gardening, downsizing, breeding your own poultry? What about saving money, family traditions, homestead classes and even water storage and conservation? Well, this is the book for you!

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The Homesteadaholic level for those eagerly pursing homesteading wherever you live. Are you interested in learning to preserve what you grow and to even plant a medicinal herb garden? Have you wondered which dairy animal is better than the others? What about how to wisely spend for your homestead, create quality chore systems, start a seed swap and keep your food storage stocked with healthy foods? Well, this is the book for you!

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The Homesteaded level for those types who fully identify with the homesteading lifestyle. Just enough information to keep you inspired without being boring. Are you interested in learning to make your own foodstuffs for the real foods kitchen or growing smarter with permaculture? Have you thought about energy conservation and production on the homestead? What about growing meat animals, making a business of your homestead, mentoring and getting your family involved in the work? How about some off-grid cooking techniques? Well, this is the book for you!

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With each level comes its own education, challenges, goals and projects. Extensive resources are recommended in every section to provide further reading and study for the serious homestead student. Challenges are issued to help you expand outside of your comfort zone and build up your homesteading community – especially the community that is your home and family.  Also included are countless quotes and interviews with real life homesteaders, all on varying lot sizes. Each one has a different family make up, a different vision and a different voice but each are inspiring homesteaders.  Provided, too, are abundant bonus materials including a DIY Homestead Journal, homeschooling addendum to the book and free downloads.  Pages and pages of quality, DIY homesteading information and encouragement!