Soaked Chick Pea Salsa

Soaked-Chick-Pea-Salsa-wondering-what-to-do-with-leftover-chick-peas-from-homemade-hummus-Here-you-go-www.homesteadlady.comI’m always looking for recipes to make with the various seeds, legumes and grains eternally soaking on my kitchen counter – I always seem to have something percolating there!  The other night we tried soaked chick pea salsa and I knew I had to share it with you as summer approaches.

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Why Soaked Chick Pea Salsa?

If you haven’t explored the health benefits of soaking your grains and legumes to make them more digestible and the nutrients more available, please follow this link from Nourished Kitchen.  Jennifer will also tell you how to how to get started and the various steps involved – its not rocket science but you do end up developing a kind of rythmn.  Pre-soaking and sprouting has made such a difference in our diet; previously difficult to digest foods have become yummy staples. I love making salsa because its so easy to do and pleasing to eat. 

The best salsa I ever made was when I lived in Russia – coming home with bags full of dacha raise produce, spilling over with harvested sunshine and health, we’d make salsa all summer.  Maybe I remember it with a hint of nostalgia but isn’t that part of a good recipe, too?  Happy memories of happy bellies full of happy food. For another great chick pea recipe, visit Salam Mama for her Raw Sprouted Hummus – Packs a Nutritious Punch!  But wait, there’s more!  Well Fed Family has a Moroccan Quinoa and Chick Pea Salad recipe for you.  And here’s another hummus recipe – you can never, ever have too many – from Nature’s Nurture using Black Beans!  

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    1. I do too, Marla – except for how they smell when they’re cooking. Bleh. Otherwise, delightful legume.

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