Solar Oven: Paleo Breakfast Scones

For today’s solar oven challenge, we’re supposed to be doing muffins and cookies and stuff like that. I chose to share my very favorite solar oven tip with you and an easy way to make grain-free (Paleo) cherry breakfast scones.olar Oven Grain Free Paleo Breakfast Scones l Homestead Lady (.com)affiliate disclaimer for top

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Solar Oven Paleo Cherry Scones

I enjoy grain-free baking and we do a lot of it when I can afford the nut flours (or buying the raw nuts and making my own flour).  For this today, I just used Nom Nom Paleo’s Grain-Free Dark Chocolate Cherry Scone Recipe, but I omitted the chocolate.  Some mornings I keep the chocolate and other mornings I’m responsible and stuff.   To see this great recipe on her site, just click here.

To bake these scones in the solar oven, make the dough the exact same way as the recipe describes.  However, instead of preheating your conventional oven, place your solar oven in a sunny spot about a half hour before you want to start baking the scones.  This counts as pre-heating your solar oven.

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Place your scones into any heat-safe container that will fit into your solar oven – I usually use my 9 x 13 Pyrex casserole dish for something like scones or cookies.  If you’re using a solar oven thermometer, heat to anywhere between 275 and 325.  Instead of baking for 20-25 minutes like Nom Nom’s recipe suggests, you’ll need to bake these about an hour, making sure to turn your oven to follow the sun.  If you forget, like I often do, and let them go a bit longer, don’t sweat it as they’ll still be yummy.

I mixed up a simple “frosting” of high quality butter with raw honey – it’s not an exact science but it’s usually 1/4 cup of butter to 1/8 honey or more.  You can add cinnamon, too, for a little kick.

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Solar Breakfast Tip

Ok, this tip only works if you don’t live in a place where wild animals roam through your yard.  Anything from a possum to a dear to a big dog has the potential to make this tip useless for you but it’s seriously one of my favorite solar oven tricks.  I have a place on my deck where the rising sun shines its light for a solid few hours.  My mornings are crazy busy and so, in the evening I’ll mix up these scones, put them in the pan and set them out in the solar oven overnight to begin baking whenever the sun decides to get up.  I don’t have to get downstairs to start breakfast, the kids can get the pan out of the solar oven whenever the scones are done and we all still get a home cooked meal.

Solar Oven Scones for grain free goodness l Homestead Lady (.com)

*If you are worried about the raw egg sitting out overnight, do this only in cold winter areas when weather permits.  Don’t get salmonella and say I didn’t warn you!

Do you have any solar oven tips to share with me and everyone else?  Leave your wisdom in the comments section.

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