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Welcome to Homestead Lady!

This is the record of the successes, flops and experiments of our family of seven as we work, step by step, to build a self-sufficient lifestyle. Pursing self-sustaining cycles in the garden and the barnyard, we’re every day coming closer to our goal of provident living while honoring our commitment to be good stewards of the land. Raising a wholesome, homestead family takes a great deal of work and we’re grateful for the myriad of ways in which we’ve been blessed, even by our setbacks.

In the old-time spirit of sharing what little we know to build up the community around, we invite you to poke around the blog and see what sparks your interest.

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We also encourage you to stay connected by joining our newsletter family. We love to chat with you, though we’re not very consistent with posting (lots of time spent in the barn or the kitchen), so we promise we won’t flood your inbox. Joining our newsletter will give you free access to our collaborative e-book, Ten Herbs from Garden to Plate, a simple guide to growing herbs and using herbs, wherever you live. You’ll also receive links to new posts, occasional offers and neat things going on around the Web in the homesteading community.

The Do It Yourself Homestead

If building your own homestead is what you’re truly striving to do, we have a book for that! Our book, The Do It Yourself Homestead, is written for the modern homesteader trying to build some security in our uncertain times. No food is more local than the stuff you grow in your own yard, no hands are more reliable than your own and no community is better suited to caring for your needs than the one in your own home (even if that community is just you and your cat). Written on four different levels, to suit the varying amounts of experience in each reader, The Do It Yourself Homestead can take you from a wannabe homesteader to a lifestyle of self-sufficiency, one step at a time. To learn more about the The Do It Yourself Homestead, and for special offers and coupons, be sure to join our Book Circle. No gimmicks or spam, just book stuff less than once a month – pinky swear.  Click here for the Book Circle newsletter. You can also visit our shop page to read more about the book - click here. DoItYourselfHomesteadComingSoon600x300


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