Summer Mess Peppermint Tea

Don’t waste a single herb from the fields or garden this year. Forage or grow these medicinal herbs for a summer mess peppermint tea and use it all year long by mixing it and preserving them this summer. Wildcrafted, grown on your windowsill or pluck from the garden this peppermint tea mix is sure to please.

Summer Mess Peppermint Tea l With foraged, wildcrafted, garden grown, cultivated herbal combination l Homestead

This is a guest post from my friend Jaime, a homesteading mama of five and an herb lover/garden nut. If you forage or grow herbs each year, you may recognize yourself as she talks about flying around the gardens and fields trying to harvest and preserve all the useful herbs she can. Ever done that? Uh, yeah, I do – just about every year.

After you read through her post, I suggest you look at her tea combination and determine how many you already grow. Also look at how many of these plants you have growing wild in your area.

If you can gather these wild plants, one of the best part about them is that they’re FREE. The process of ethically harvesting, preserving and using wild plants is called foraging, or wildcrafting. If this process is new to you, or you’d simply like to expand your knowledge of wildcrafting, I suggest the course below offered by the Herbal Academy.

The kids and I are taking the Botany and Wildcrafting course this summer – we’ve already started taking notes on what’s blooming in the coloring book the offer with the course. Oh yeah, diggin’ the coloring book, I tell ya, and so are the kids. There are pages to take notes, too, and we’ve started using them. Our first project will be to use chickweed to make this great skin tonic from Homespun Seasonal Living.

Summer Mess Peppermint Tea l Botanical Illustrations Workbook l Homestead

We’ll let you know more about the course and we move through the summer, but you can check it out below at your convenience below.

Botany & Wildcrafting Course by Herbal Academy

The Mess of Herbs in Summer

From Jaime – Last year found me in my garden running from herb to herb, desperately trying to save my little friends before they succumbed to the frost. I had a large, very large box, that I cut into as I went. Freezing my hands off.
After I thawed, and washed all the herbs of their dirt, I noticed I had a massive pile of goodness I didn’t know what to do with. I already had quite a bit drying, and this was extra. Enter Summer Mess Peppermint Tea.

Summer Mess Peppermint Tea

I had a large selection of quite a few little things. The bulk of it was made of peppermint because I collect mint. So, there were:

  • 11 types of Mint
  • 2 types of Pineapple Sage
  • 2 types of Lavender
  • 8 different Basils
  • Rosemary
  • Catmint
  • Monarda (Bee Balm)
  • A few leaves of Yarrow and Mullein

Homestead Lady interjects – To learn to decoct (make/steep) a simple herbal tea, click here.

Don’t feel like you have to copy Jaime’s combination exactly to make this messy peppermint tea. But look at that combo! The flavor of the peppermint tea has got to be astounding and the health benefits would be robust. To learn just a little more about some of these herbs, follow these links:

If you live in a city and feel like you’re limited in your foraging and don’t have the space for the garden, all these herbs can be grown in pots on a sunny deck. You don’t have to grow 100 herbs to be healthy. Start with just a few and get really good at growing them. We have a book to help with that, if potted herbs are your thing. See below:  

To Preserve the Herbal Mess for Future Peppermint Tea

From that collection, I just laid them into a very large, flat box. After that, I turned them once a week to break up the moisture, and kind of forgot about them.

Homestead Lady interjects – if you live in an arid climate like Jaime does, you will have no problem with this. If you live in a crazy-humid climate like I do, you may want to hang your herbs to dry them. Learn more about harvesting and preserving herbs by clicking here.

Come January, I was cleaning up my storage room to find some mint tea. We do like tea at my house. I came across this wonderful batch of dried herbs.

Photo Courtesy Jaime Roberts

I crushed the herbs into smaller pieces and put them into a large glass jar. When I was ready to make the peppermint tea, I used my immersion blender to blend the herbs into even smaller pieces. This made the most lovely tea ever.

This summer I grew even more medicinal and culinary herbs and made this peppermint tea on purpose. Our family finds this tea to be very useful in keeping us healthy, and also keeping our tea addiction under control. Haha.

The first year we made this mix peppermint tea we made simple tea bags, or used reusable strainers. This year, we even consume the leaf bits as we drink our tea.

If you have a surplus of herbals this summer, make summer mess peppermint tea and use them up. Here’s to your health!

Jaime has been married to her Prince Charming for 21 years. She has 5 Charmings in training. For the past 5 and a half years, they have been pursuing the self-sufficient life in the middle of nowhere in Southern Alberta.

A Few More Ideas

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