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Around the homestead crafts have to be practical, useful and frugal, as well as fun and educational.  Any article tagged as “Craft” will provide tutorials, DIY information and family-friendly fun.  Most crafts are suitable to adults and children alike.

Homesteading can be hard work – don’t forget the fun of crafts!

Herbal Holiday Wreaths

Learn how to make herbal holiday wreaths for table decorations, napkin rings and useful gifts.  These DIY wreaths can be made from vines and herbs your grown in your own garden.  Suitable for any holiday throughout the year using seasonal herbs, these wreaths are so simple even the kids can help make them!  In fact, consider these herbal holiday wreaths for your next holiday craft party! 

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Fall project: How to Make a Wreath

Step by step vine wreath construction for a DIY fall project.  Use these wreaths for ornaments or gifts; decorate them or leave them natural and rustic.  The best part is you can make them for free from your garden! Continue reading “Fall project: How to Make a Wreath”

Winter Holidays Around the World

Start new traditions with your kids and family with these winter holidays around the world.  Don’t get stuck in a rut of winter celebrations!  If one of your goals this year is to celebrate more throughout the year, or you’d just like to explore new cultures, this list is for you. 

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Rustic DIY Holiday Porch Signs

Learn how to use upcycled wood – like barn wood and pallet wood – to make simple farmhouse holiday porch signs.  The rough nature of the wood gives each sign a rustic texture and makes them tough enough for indoor/outdoor use.  Save money and make your own porch signs for every season – fall, winter, spring or everyday!  Save money this Halloween, Christmas and Fourth of July with some old wood and a little paint! 

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3 Bedtime Bath Teas for Kids

Would you like to help your children detox from  a long day of school and homestead work with a nice, hot bath?  We show you simple, herbal bedtime bath teas to use daily or give as gifts.  (Tip: these bath teas are great for the grown ups, too!)  Here are three combinations for the best bedtime bath teas from herbs you can purchase or even grow!
Don’t forget the FREE printable gift tags at the bottom of the article – they may just have a special coupon inside.
Also below are 23 more Quick Homemade Gift Ideas!

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DIY Wedding Flowers

To compliment your farm wedding or homestead chic reception, here are some easy peasy DIY wedding flowers you can create in half and hour.  These wedding flowers are simple, natural and comprised of blooms you already have growing in the garden.  You can even PLANT flowers for your wedding, if you have the time!  With two video tutorials and step-by-step instructions this article will help you create your own beautiful displays for your beautiful day. 

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A Farm Wedding on the Homestead

Looking for ideas on how to host a farm wedding on the homestead?  Here are some practical ideas for us practical homesteaders – with a lot of whimsy and beauty thrown in! 

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Holiday Planning for Handmade Gifts

Get ahead of the holidays with a little planning for your handmade gifts!  Here’s a 5-step plan for scheduling handmade gift creation – plus a FREE downloadable planning sheet.  You can do things last minute, but you don’t have to with this detailed plan! 

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DIY Reusable Lavender Sachets for a Green Craft l Replace single use linen sachets with these you make yourself l Homestead Lady.com

DIY Reusable Lavender Sachet

If you love fresh linens but are tired of buying single use herbal sachets, here’s a DIY tutorial for making your own re-usable lavender sachet. There are two sets of instructions; one for a quick lavender sachet that requires minimal sewing, and another that’s slightly fancier so that you can use it in place of single-use wrapping paper. Make these re-usable lavender sachets for your own linens or as a gift for someone special.  DIY Reusable Lavender Sachets for Linens l Make your own and stop buying single use sachets l Makes a great gift l Homestead Lady.com

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Homestead Side Hustles l Over 25 ideas on making money on the homestead l Information, advice, tips and troubleshooting l Homestead Lady.com

Homestead Side Hustles

Here are over 25 detailed ideas on how to get a little homestead side hustle working for you this year.  Tips, advice and possible pitfalls.  Plus, a reminder that you don’t HAVE to do it all, if you decide not to!  Homestead Side Hustles l Over 25 ideas on making money on the homestead l Information, advice, tips and troubleshooting l Homestead Lady.com

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