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Foraging and Wildcrafting

Foraging, or wildcrafting, is the art and science of safely scavenging wild foods and medicinal plants.  Wild plant food and medicine grows effortlessly all around us and can be ethically harvested for free.  If gardening isn’t your thing, but you still love food and herbs, learn how to forage with any Homestead Lady article tagged “Foraging and Wildcrafting”!

shamrock cookie with dried green powder

3-Way Naturally Dyed St. Patrick’s Day Cookies

If you’re frustrated trying to find homemade, natural green dye that actually works for your St. Patrick’s Day cookies, look no further! I have three cookie decoration methods, including buttercream frosting, that I’ve started using to incorporate that tricky green natural food coloring. I finally found a way to decorate St. Patrick’s Day cookies that’s easy and homemade! shamrock cookie with dried green powder

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Elderberry No Bake Granola Bars

These healthy, nut free elderberry no bake granola bars are so easy to make that they’ll show up in your lunch box every week. With soaked oatmeal, coconut oil, dried elderberries and honey these bars are homemade treat you and the kids will love!

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Fresh Cranberry & Dried Persimmon Sauce

Combine the benefits of heart-healthy cranberries with foraged persimmons for a richly flavored holiday sauce. This homemade cranberry sauce recipe includes cinnamon, oranges, dried persimmon and a hint of vanilla. Stop eating store bought cranberry sauce this year and replace it with this healthier, tastier homemade version!

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Herbal Holiday Wreaths

Learn how to make herbal holiday wreaths for table decorations, napkin rings and useful gifts. These DIY wreaths can be made from vines and herbs your grown in your own garden. Suitable for any holiday throughout the year using seasonal herbs, these wreaths are so simple even the kids can help make them! In fact, consider these herbal holiday wreaths for your next holiday craft party!

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DIY Wedding Flowers

To compliment your farm wedding or homestead chic reception, here are some easy peasy DIY wedding flowers you can create in half and hour. These wedding flowers are simple, natural and comprised of blooms you already have growing in the garden. You can even PLANT flowers for your wedding, if you have the time! With two video tutorials and step-by-step instructions this article will help you create your own beautiful displays for your beautiful day.

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Lemon Verbena Low Carb Macaroons

Use this herbal low carb macaroons recipe for a light and airy treat as summer descends upon us. We chose scented geraniums and lemon verbena for this recipe, but you can use any herbal combination you want!

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DIY Wattle: Cheap Garden Fence

Is FREE cheap enough for a garden fence? Learn how to make this cheap garden fence using one of the oldest fencing methods on earth: wattle. If you’ve pruned the fruit trees, tidied up a willow patch or otherwise come into a mess load of supple branches, this is your weekend to build that cheap garden fence you’ve needed for ages!

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Herbal Flower and Rose Syrup

Do you have a recipe that includes rose water or rose syrup and you’d like to make your own? Have you gone foraging and now have edible and herbal flower specimens like honeysuckle and clover that you’d like to use? Here is a simple recipe for an edible flower syrup that you can use in so many different ways.

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3 Quick Ways to Preserve Grapes

If you end up with a lot of fresh table grapes that you’d like to deal with quickly so they don’t spoil, read on! Here are three quick ways to preserve grapes in order of time consumption and hassle for the busy homesteader and DIYer.

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Spring Flower Natural Confetti Cake l Use foraged spring blooms like violets and red bud and make natural confetti cake l Homestead Lady.com

Spring Flower Natural Confetti Cake

If you need a confetti cake for that special birthday or tea party, but don’t want all the commercial dyes and sugars, this spring flower natural confetti cake recipe is for you! Foraged spring flowers add just the right pizzaz to this natural confetti cake! Spring Flower Natural Confetti Cake l Use foraged spring blooms like violets and red bud and make natural confetti cake l Homestead Lady.com

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