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Homestead Question

Have a common homestead question?  Here are some we’ve asked ourselves or been asked by others.  How-to’s, DIYs, helps and tips on modern homesteading.  Keep it simple and answer homestead questions as you have them with us here at Homestead Lady.

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Grow Food Fast – Kitchen & Garden

Sometimes you just don’t have time to wait for spring, or you’ve waited too long to get the spring garden started.  Other times, you’re stuck at home with illness or pregnancy but still need to feed your family.  Ah, quarantines!  Here are six ideas for foods you can quickly produce – grow food fast on your counter and in the garden (including pots)!

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milk kefir grains on a wooden spoon

How to Make and Use Milk Kefir

Have you heard of milk kefir?  Maybe all you know is that is has some connection to probiotics and everyone seems to pronounce it differently.  Well, here are the basics on how to make milk kefir, along with the benefits and ways to use it.  milk kefir grains on a wooden spoon
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great pyrenees dog

Homestead Dogs: Do You Need a Livestock Guard Dog

Are you wondering if you need a livestock guard dog on your property?  If you need homestead dogs, what are the best breeds for you to consider?  Do you know what you need a dog to do on your homestead?  Before you purchase a homestead dog, we invite you to consider the following points.  great pyrenees dog

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Direct Sow Herbs

Direct sow means you can plant these herb seeds right into your garden so they’re close to your kitchen and easy to harvest.  With direct sow herbs you don’t need to mess with indoor seed starting or transplanting!  These direct sow herbs are great for beginners, small space gardeners, and DIYers alike. 

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Instant Pot Grape Juice Recipe

Here’s how to make a healthy grape juice recipe the easy way in the instant pot.  You can drink the grape juice fresh, make jello or prepare it for canning.  In just minutes you can be drinking your own fresh, grape juice! 

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4 Time Saving Holiday Kitchen Tips

Here are our favorite time saving holiday kitchen tips from our own family.  Since Santa doesn’t bring the gift of time, this advice is the next best thing for your holiday meals.  I promise, these ideas – plan, delegate, chop, cook – will help you get organized and enjoy the season so much more! 

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Backyard Chickens for Beginners

This article is titled “Backyard Chickens for Beginners” for a reason.  We hope to help you make decisions about chicken feed, chicken coops, keeping chickens in winter and a few other housekeeping items.  Even at a beginner’s level, you can learn quality techniques for keeping a happy, healthy flock. 

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Homestead Holiday To Do List

We all have a holiday to do list that includes items like make cookies, get postage for cards, arrange a gift exchange.  However, homesteaders have another important to do list from fall to winter that includes very needful activities around the land and home.  How are we supposed to get it all done?!  Is there any way to organize our holiday to do list and our homestead to do list so they merge into one?  I’m so glad you asked…

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How to Plan and Plant a Medicinal Herb Garden

Learn how to simply and easily plan a medicinal herb garden for all your plant-based wellness needs.  Aren’t sure what herbs are traditionally considered medicinal?  We can help with that, too!  You CAN grow wellness, or medicinal, herbs wherever you live, in whatever space you have. Continue reading “How to Plan and Plant a Medicinal Herb Garden”

dried apple chips in a dish compared to fresh apples

Dried Apple Chips and Light Apple Vinegar

Don’t let the apple harvest rot in your pantry! Here’s a tutorial for healthy DIY apple chips in the dehydrator. BONUS, a free excerpt from our book, The Do It Yourself Homestead, on how to turn apple scraps into healthy apple vinegar. dried apple chips in a dish compared to fresh apples

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