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Medicinal Food

“Medicinal Food” articles here at Homestead Lady can be anything from dairy ferments to vegetable dishes to kefir uses to sourdough bread.  We truly believe that there is health in the navel and marrow in the bones when food is used medicinally, as well as to nourish and sustain the body.

Together with the tags “Homemade”, “Healthy Grains”, “Gluten Free”, “Healthy Treat” and “Ferments”, the “Medicinal Food” tag will bring you to articles on the topic of acheiving health and wellness with the aid of wholesome foods, properly prepared, and appealing to the whole family.

Fresh Cranberry & Dried Persimmon Sauce

Combine the benefits of heart-healthy cranberries with foraged persimmons for a richly flavored holiday sauce.  This homemade cranberry sauce recipe includes cinnamon, oranges, dried persimmon and a hint of vanilla. Stop eating store bought cranberry sauce this year and replace it with this healthier, tastier homemade version! 

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Instant Pot Grape Juice Recipe

Here’s how to make a healthy grape juice recipe the easy way in the instant pot.  You can drink the grape juice fresh, make jello or prepare it for canning.  In just minutes you can be drinking your own fresh, grape juice! 

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sourdough maple bread buttered with maple syrup

Sourdough Maple Bread

Here’s a recipe for a no yeast, sweet, Sourdough Maple Bread loaf.  We show you how to make this no knead bread that’s so soft and tangy it makes the perfect toast or sandwich bread.  Make artisan sourdough bread at home! sourdough maple bread buttered with maple syrup Continue reading “Sourdough Maple Bread”

How to Plan and Plant a Medicinal Herb Garden

Learn how to simply and easily plan a medicinal herb garden for all your plant-based wellness needs.  Aren’t sure what herbs are traditionally considered medicinal?  We can help with that, too!  You CAN grow wellness, or medicinal, herbs wherever you live, in whatever space you have. Continue reading “How to Plan and Plant a Medicinal Herb Garden”

Lemon Verbena Low Carb Macaroons

Use this herbal low carb macaroons recipe for a light and airy treat as summer descends upon us.  We chose scented geraniums and lemon verbena for this recipe, but you can use any herbal combination you want! After you make the recipe, be sure to check out the Growing and Using Herbs Giveaway happening this months – over 25 herbal learning resources for FREE!

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Herbal Flower and Rose Syrup

Do you have a recipe that includes rose water or rose syrup and you’d like to make your own?  Have you gone foraging and now have edible and herbal flower specimens like honeysuckle and clover that you’d like to use?  Here is a simple recipe for an edible flower syrup that you can use in so many different ways.

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Plant a Keto Garden l 5 low-carb vegetables to plant in the garden or in containers l Homestead Lady.com

The Keto Garden: Best Low-Carb Vegetables to Grow

One thing you may have noticed about a plant-based diet – it’s expensive!  Growing your own Keto garden and these five low-carb vegetables can save money while providing you with fresh, local produce for your family.  After all, you can’t get more local and fresh than your own backyard!  Tips for growing in container-growing, too, for you small space gardeners.  Plant a Keto Garden l 5 low-carb vegetables to plant in the garden or in containers l Homestead Lady.com  Continue reading “The Keto Garden: Best Low-Carb Vegetables to Grow”

Holiday Keto Fat Bomb: The “Sugar Plum”

Who says Keto can’t be festive?!  Here’s a simple recipe for a modern twist of the traditional confection, the sugar plum.  Using coconut and pomegranate, this holiday Keto fat bomb recipe is sure to please.    Continue reading “Holiday Keto Fat Bomb: The “Sugar Plum””

Easy Homemade Cheese l Maple Yogurt Cheese l Homestead Lady.com

Easy Homemade Cheese: Maple Yogurt Cheese

Do you like the idea of making cheese at home but are a bit intimidated to start?  Try  this easy homemade cheese: maple yogurt cheese.  Using homemade or store bought yogurt, you can enjoy homemade cheese today! Easy Homemade Cheese l Maple Yogurt Cheese l Homestead Lady.com Continue reading “Easy Homemade Cheese: Maple Yogurt Cheese”