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How to Make Sun Dried Tomatoes

Here’s how to make and how to use sun dried tomatoes – the ones that cost so much in the fancy food stores.  Sun dried tomatoes are low carb friendly and healthy.  You don’t even have to have a dehydrator to make them yourself! Continue reading “How to Make Sun Dried Tomatoes”

DIY Wedding Flowers

To compliment your farm wedding or homestead chic reception, here are some easy peasy DIY wedding flowers you can create in half and hour.  These wedding flowers are simple, natural and comprised of blooms you already have growing in the garden.  You can even PLANT flowers for your wedding, if you have the time!  With two video tutorials and step-by-step instructions this article will help you create your own beautiful displays for your beautiful day. 

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A Farm Wedding on the Homestead

Looking for ideas on how to host a farm wedding on the homestead?  Here are some practical ideas for us practical homesteaders – with a lot of whimsy and beauty thrown in! 

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Holiday Planning for Handmade Gifts

Get ahead of the holidays with a little planning for your handmade gifts!  Here’s a 5-step plan for scheduling handmade gift creation – plus a FREE downloadable planning sheet.  You can do things last minute, but you don’t have to with this detailed plan! 

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Lemon Verbena Low Carb Macaroons

Use this herbal low carb macaroons recipe for a light and airy treat as summer descends upon us.  We chose scented geraniums and lemon verbena for this recipe, but you can use any herbal combination you want! After you make the recipe, be sure to check out the Growing and Using Herbs Giveaway happening this months – over 25 herbal learning resources for FREE!

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3 Quick Ways to Preserve Grapes

If you end up with a lot of fresh table grapes that you’d like to deal with quickly so they don’t spoil, read on!  Here are three quick ways to preserve grapes in order of time consumption and hassle for the busy homesteader and DIYer. 

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Homemade Christmas with Leon Day

Don’t wait until that Christmas in July – start it with Leon Day in June!  June 25th marks the six month point until Christmas – did you realize that?  Yep, June 25th.  Did I just make or ruin your day?

Because of the high volume of homemade gifts we create every Christmas it becomes necessary for us to plan ahead and take all the time we can get.  If you’d like to enter the holiday season in a calm, prepared way please join my family in celebrating Leon Day and make a homemade Christmas.  Continue reading “Homemade Christmas with Leon Day”

Got Mint?

A very good question was posed to me lately – “What do I do with all this mint?!”  Come learn how to grow it, how to contain it and how to use.  Mint: the herb every gardener loves to hate. Continue reading “Got Mint?”