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Homemade Vanilla Honey l Perfect for gift giving at the holidays or any day l Homestead Lady (.com)

Homemade Vanilla Honey

Course Dessert
Cuisine American
Keyword raw honey, vanilla
Serving Suggestion 6


  • 2-3 Vanilla beans

1 quart Raw honey


  1. Gather one quart of raw honey and three to six used vanilla beans from your home brewed vanilla.  These beans will be smooshy and full of extract - they're perfect.  You may also use fresh vanilla beans - start with two*.

  2. Open the vanilla beans and scrape out any remaining seeds - they look like tiny, tiny black bugs.
  3. Add the seeds and beans (and any remaining vanilla extract from previously used beans) to the quart of honey.
  4. Let this concoction sit for at least a month and if you decide it needs more vanilla flavor/smell, just add a judicious amount of your homemade vanilla and mix well.  You don't want to water down the honey - just give it an extra vanilla boost if you don't feel it's not strong enough.  I like mine to brew no less than two months, but longer is better!

Recipe Notes

*You can also you fresh vanilla beans, I suggest starting with two since the flavor will be stronger.  If you're using fresh, cut them open and scrape out the seeds, as well.  "Fresh" is actually a misnomer as vanilla beans undergo some processing; I just mean beans you haven't used to make extract already. 

This isn't a necessary item in your baking cupboard but it sure is a decadent and happy thing to have on hand.  If you're already making vanilla and using raw honey, it won't cost you anything extra to brew a few batches for yourself and friends.  Besides, raw honey is our medicine of choice so we figure we save money to purchase it by not visiting the doctor.