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Blackberry Jam with Pectin Substitute l Use shredded apples in place of pectin for this canning recipe l Homestead Lady.com

Blackberry Jam with Shredded Apple (as a pectin substitute)

This is a simple blackberry jam recipe that includes shredded apples instead of commercial pectin.  This recipe can be cut in half, if necessary. 

Course Breakfast
Cuisine American
Keyword blackberry jam, canning recipe
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time-ish 1 hour
Canning time 10 minutes
Total Time-ish 1 hour 10 minutes
Serving Suggestion 4 pints


  • 8 Cups Blackberries, washed
  • 2 Cups Raw sugar
  • 1 Tbsp. Lemon juice, pasteurized (not fresh)
  • 1-3 Under-ripe or tart apples, grated *If small, use three; if large, use one


  1. Place a metal spoon in your freezer.

  2. Wash blackberries and apples.  Core apples, but do NOT peel.

  3. Combine apples, blackberries and lemon juice in a large, heavy bottomed pot.  Cook until soft.

  4. Add sugar and stir to dissolve.  Cook on medium-high heat until boiling, stirring constantly.  Cook until mixture is reduced by at least a third, possibly a half.  Don't forget to stir to prevent scorching!

  5. After mixture has reduced, remove spoon from freezer and scoop a bit of jam onto it.  Do "the spoon test" as per the instruction in the "Notes" section.  

  6. Bottle quickly into pint jars, remove air bubbles with a knife down the inside of the jar, wipe rims and place seals on top.  Process in a water bath canner for ten minutes, adjusting for your altitude.

Recipe Notes

To conduct "the spoon test" to test for jam set, do the following.

  • Place some jam on your frozen spoon.
  • Watch to see if the jam sets up on the spoon after about a minute. 
  • Dump the fruit part back into the jam in the pot and run your finger down the spoon in the syrupy stuff left behind. 
  • Does your finger leave a trail?  Is the syrup holding its position?  If so, your jam is ready to be bottled and canned. 
  • If not, you can add a 1/2 cup more sugar if you'd like and/or continue cooking and stirring until set has been achieved.