Weeping Mulberry flop

In the interest of full disclosure we are introducing a new category to the Homestead Lady website – Homestead Flops.  Let’s face it, it’s in my nature to learn through mistakes; to borrow from Ms. Frizzle, we “take chances, make mistakes, get messy”!  Sometimes the stuff we try doesn’t work, or doesn’t work the way we think it will.  Sometimes we just don’t have time to complete all the projects we start.  Sometimes, life happens.  So, here it goes…

mulberry flopA few years ago we purchased a two year old Weeping Mulberry tree for the our children’s garden.  The thought was that we could create a fun, hidden entrance – something akin to The Secret Garden.  Usually, Weeping Mulberry works wonderfully for that.  As the tree grows taller, you simply keep staking the trunk straight up, letting the branches weep down at will or staking them out a bit to form a dome.  Over time, as it grows, it creates a lovely, leafy umbrella for your kids to play within and under which to have secret fairy meetings.  Plus, since ours is female it produces delicious, dark purple berries that are so yummy.

Well, the truth is, I simply lost track of what I was supposed to be doing with that tree and never did stake it until just this year.  The trunk has already begun to put on width and has started to bend over despite it’s only being three feet tall – too short to be weeping already!  Not to be daunted, I got a nice, strong T-post and a good, thick nylon cord and have been pulling that tree back up towards the sun.  Eventually the poor dear will straighten out and put on a little more height, at which point I will finally let it weep without interference from me.mulberry flop 2

It will be more work and take longer but at least this flop can be fixed.  Too many projects, so little time.  Ah, well.

For more information on Weeping Mulberries you can visit this link from gardenguides.com and this one from Raintree Nursery, where I purchased the Mulberry.



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3 thoughts on “Weeping Mulberry flop

  1. Thanks for sharing on Old-fashioned Friday. I’ve never grown weeping mulberry, but I did plant a white mulberry about 10 years ago. And it has hardly grown at all. Still alive, but not doing anything. Thought they were supposed to be easy to grow, but not in our yard!

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