Five Kernels of Corn

Are you struggling to teach your kids the importance of Thanksgiving before everyone jumps off into Christmas? Are you needing something easy and enjoyable to do with your family for the approaching day of thanks, while still remembering those in need?

We know how hard it can be in the holiday rush to hold onto Thanksgiving as a day of thanks, and not just as an excuse to stuff our bellies. That’s why we created Five Kernels of Corn!

Inside you’ll find:

  • Three separate family activities centered on gratitude
  • Suggested daily “assignments” so that no key points are lost
  • Scripture and secular quotes to inspire and educate
  • The history behind the Five Kernels tradition and how you can create your own Five Kernels tradition
  • Six different service project suggestions that are super kid-friendly
  • Some of our favorite recipes for this season
  • A bonus addendum that helps you extend the season of thanks beyond Thanksgiving
  • 5 custom place cards, illustrated just for you

This e-book can be presented as a unit study for your homeschool, or as a fun way for you to entertain your grandkids as they visit this holiday season. If it’s just you and your roommates this year, no worries! These activities are highly adaptable and relevant no matter who you’ll be hangin’ with this holiday.

If you’ve forgotten to defrost your turkey or your crazy uncle Sal is scheduled to visit, I’m afraid there isn’t much we can do to help.

For everything else this Thanksgiving, there’s Five Kernels of Corn!