Starting a business with your kids

Starting a business with your kids - - Interview with My Inspired Dress Up Design

So, my super-smart, ambitious kids keep wanting to earn money by starting small businesses left and right – which is great but, wow, another project!! They’re homeschooled so they have a bit of leeway in their schedules and certainly all my emotional support for their desire. However, I keep running into the same road blocks and need some inspiration.

My two problems seem to be that I have a hard time finding the time to help them, the maturity to let them be inspired and do their own work and the innate sense of when to step in and suggest improvement or offer advice. Oh, that was three things. Well, clearly I shouldn’t help them with the accounting end of their work, but I do want to support them and help them be successful; I really think homestead kids (and all children) should have experience thinking outside the box when it comes to creating income! So, I got a little advice from a friend in the trenches on starting a business with your kids.

This article isn’t mean to be exhaustive and totally ignores things like business licenses, marketing plans and paying your taxes. That stuff doesn’t inspire me! I leave all that nonsense until the very end of a project like this. I just need a boot to the butt and someone to show me it can be done – and that it can be fun! Some fellow homesteading friends of ours happen to have two young daughters who found something they were passionate about and, with a little help from Mom and a lot of hard work, they’ve turned that passion into a business. I decided to interview the girls, with Mom, to see if I could get some inspiration and learn a little more. Here’s what I found out…

Starting a Business with your kids

Starting a business with your kids - - Interview with My Inspired Dress Up DesignName of the business: My Inspired Dress Up Design

Proprietresses: Emily and Liah Stone with help from Mom, Liz


  •  Describe your business for us? What is it you provide?

We do presentations and parties to show other kids (and adults) how to make many different types of costumes using no sew, open ended, lengths of material. We also sell kits containing fun fabrics and styles to get started as well as run a blog with lots of pictures and step by step instructions which we hope will one day be part of our book.
  •  How did you get to this place of starting a business with your kids? What inspired you?

This I’ve taken directly from our blog:
Starting a business with your kids - - Interview with My Inspired Dress Up Design - kids do the workWho We Are and How This All Started

In today’s technological world, sadly, the timeless pursuit of make believe and dress up play are no longer “just what kid’s do”. As a homeschooling mother I have watched my girls over the past several years and have noticed a fascinating thing. The more we read, studied history, went on field trips etc., the more time was spent in role playing and dress up games. The bottom line is that the better job I do at inspiring the more they choose to learn and create.

I’m always happy to see this type of creativity in my children so I encouraged it by supplying some open ended lengths of material (saris) and then watched in amazement the things they would create. Over the years I’ve seen knights and ladies, many a princess, and cultural costumes from ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, China, India, and more.Starting a business with your kids - - Interview with My Inspired Dress Up Design

This idea of keeping open ended squares of fabric for dress up play is not new to us, however when I saw the variety and quality of what the girls were coming up with I had to grab my camera and share for those who, like me, may need a little more inspiration. Children, when given the space and materials to do so, will create far more than we could think to show Starting a business with your kids - - Interview with My Inspired Dress Up Designthem. It’s us adults that think they have to have separate costumes for each character. Kids innately know better and make do with what they have, all they really need is inspiration.
When inspired, they CHOOSE to learn and create. Our hope is that this blog will provide some of that inspiration to INSPIRE children to come back into the world of fantasy and make believe; to cross borders and travel back in time where he or she is the author, director, and designer. Using step by step instructions we’ll show you some of our favorite designs to inspire your own creations. Not only will you see an increase in the amount of imaginative play at your home but it can also spark their interest and grow into a LOVE OF LEARNING!
  •   What has been the most fun for you to do with your business?

It depends on which child you ask 😉  Liah loves setting up the blog and posting there. Emily would prefer designing and doing presentations. A good match, no?!

  • Starting a business with your kids - - Interview with My Inspired Dress Up Design - soldier costumeWhat has been the biggest challenge?

Sticking with it when there is not much going on for presentations and such. Another challenge has been figuring out how to use technology to spread the word about our business.
  • How have you gotten the word out about your business?

So far we have only done a few presentations and the party idea is just developing so we are excited to see what comes there. We have a blog we are working on populating with demonstrations and have set up pins on Pinterest that are shared regularly.

  • Do you have advice for other kids starting their own business?

Think of things that you are excited about and try to make a business out of that. Start small to get some experience before moving to bigger things.
  • Or for moms trying to help?Starting a business with your kids - - Interview with My Inspired Dress Up Design

Don’t do it for them. Make sure that it is something the kids are interested in so that you won’t end up carrying it among the other things you have to do. There is so much that can be learned here including the skill of sticking with something when there are things to be done that are not as fun.
  • What other business are you considering? Do you have other ideas you’d like to explore?

We also have sent out flyers to neighbors advertising help with animal chores while on vacation. This is always helpful because people with animals need someone they can trust and someone with experience.
  • Starting a business with your kids - - Interview with My Inspired Dress Up DesignOur readers are homesteaders, and so are you, so do you have any ideas for homestead businesses in which kids could participate?

Along with the previous idea, families could also offer lawn and garden care, make and sell handcrafted items such as home spun yarn or dolls, sell eggs, extra veggies, or excess manure as fertilizer for gardens, sell healthy goodies and bread.

Liz and the girls came to our house to do a presentation and we invited several other families over to participate. It was so fun!! All the kids, even the boys, dove right in and started creating. Inspiring others, especially other kiddos, is wonderfully meaningful work! 
Now, maybe we can moved past cookies and lemonade – not that there’s anything wrong with cookies and lemonade, but maybe we could pick a passion that doesn’t trash my kitchen for days. Oh, no! Is my sense of adventure wavering?!
Starting a business with your kids - - Interview with My Inspired Dress Up Design
We couldn’t take pictures fast enough will all the creativity whizzing by!
Starting a business with your kids - - Interview with My Inspired Dress Up Design
Even the littlest learned how to create their own designs.











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